Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Adam Lanza Didn't Do It

Brilliant Aspi geek Adam, still Nancy's Pride & Joy



1) There is NO WAY that the ALLEGED shooter (Adam Lanza) could actually be the killer who hauled around the necessary gear that has been claimed to be in the local police's custody as having been used in the killings.

-----a) Look at the full-length photo of Adam and tally in the idea that he spent many hours on his computer doing gaming, etc and was a member of his highschool Technology Club. He is lightly built to start with, about 120lbs in the latest photos (when he was 16 and males are near grown), was unaccustomed to heavy work of any kind, spent massive amounts of his recent days doing nothing either aerobic nor resistance building exercise, was having health problems that involve gut difficulties (might have benefited from raw milk, etc). Not inclined to athletics. A lightly built 120 lb deskjockey.

-----b) Add up the loads: the weight of a bullet proof vest on Adam, that also would necessarily have been well-pocketed in order to carry the hundreds of rounds that the Coroner and the police were claiming had been fired into the children. Plus stray bullets and leftover ammunition for each gun. Such vests and such heavy fire-power ammunition weigh down even highly trained SWAT team members to the point where they find it difficult to continue their operations so they avoid such weight loads as much as possible and spread the firepower among more team members. The gear would have come to near 40lbs by looking online for specs on these things. Nearly a third of Adam's OWN weight. Try that while 'charging around' the school building seeking victims. This video will do your homework for you with the help of SWAT team expertise:"Sandy Hook, the Logistics"

-----c) The guns NOW acknowledged (or should we say re-revised alleged) to have been in Adam's possession at the final capture (after he was already killed/suicided to be determined) were 3 or 4 handguns of significant size as well, BUT THE ASSAULT RIFLE WAS NOT THERE. The ONLY rifle being claimed as part of this scenario was locked in the trunk of a car, not being used... yet the Coroner/Medical Examiner claimed that each of the victims had been shot MULTIPLE TIMES (3-11 times) WITH A RIFLE... Confirming the ammunition quantity in the load calculated, if not the weapon (gun types is not required of coroners, though claimed). Though we would wonder:: how, precisely, does one "miscount" and "misidentify" handguns as rifles, just idly laying around Adam's body while being so damned certain he was 'the' lone gunman??


IMPOSSIBLE. Try it, with the load set at 1/3rd your own weight and with simple geek gaming lifestyle. Any injuries you incur while insisting on attempting hernia risk is your own logic-defying fault.

The official police department chief spokeman's storyline is therefore a TOTAL LIE. Either the chief or his spokesperson is knowlingly lying or is a totally incompetent bureaucrat, moronically saying what he's told to say by SOMEONE IN CHARGE OF the KILLER-ESCAPE-SUPPORTING DISINFORMATION, all the while pompously acting like he's tough and in charge for quality control of ideas. So are you going to believe him! We do not and further research by online savants has found him in videos on Colorado's (Aurora) mass murder demonstration, in a similar role, (even same nametag: Lt Paul Vance) which discovery we shall detail when we get to the rest of the players in this story, outside our focus now on the Lanzas.

Profoundly Adam seems the only real genuine good guy in this scene. So IN ADDITION to concluding (based on the above) that he was not the killer, we shall dignify the idea that someone killed him, not that he committed suicide, as we have been told as part of their incompetence or treachery. Some of the outside, experienced peace officers even consider that Adam may have been killed earlier and brought to the scene. We shall keep these possibilities in mind as we see what else has been told to the public about such a pivotal character as Adam in this scenario taking shape.

An enterprizing WSJ reporter, for example, sought out every firing range in the Newtown and Sandy Hook area, to find out what sort of practicing and training had been engaged in, and what people could tell about Adam and his mother. Not one of those places had ever seen or served Adam with or without his mother as users of the ranges, and were only aware of the Lanzas now, not before, just media familiarity now.

2) The killer had a hit ratio that was professional, by the opinions of professional gun users, such as awac222 on youtube. That commenter calculated that ratio this way: Taking the number of rounds to be on the low side of 100 since there's some conflict between reports on the number of shots heard, and then deduct a few IF you believe the idea that firing was used to gain entry to the building. So 90 fired at people-targets. Since the Medical Examiner said that each child had 3 to 11 bullet wounds, and since we chose the lower estimate for bullets used, then we'll use 3 'hits' per victim, which means that the hit ratio of target-hits to bullets fired at targets is estimated by 78/90 = 88%. Impressive for small moving targets emerging from hiding places around the rooms, at least for a non-professional.

And per the Governor's rehash of the events -- complete with his specific response-timing boldly stated as around 10 minutes (to ensure no one at Sandy Hook or in the police department got the state sued for lack of appropriate and rapid response time after their Homeland Security/FEMA training in Colorado? Aurora? Courtesy of the federal government's Napolitano, who recently bought 7000 high quality assault rifles..) -- this professional score was achieved in *amazing* time. Ten minutes of hundreds of shots in multiple locations with high accuracy. Too amazing. Clearly not a never-tried-a-real-gun-before score, nor by someone who hasn't handled one in recent memory (and per PBS, likely not more than a few times when Nancy and Peter took their 'boys', presumably surely not while divorce troubles were in play after Adam was a pre-teen). Sandy Hook was dealing with a professional hit man or hitmen. Not Adam Lanza. At all!

Perhaps you believe a squad/team-as-killer theory (as we do) but you would not yet dismiss the idea that Adam was part of it, or at least that the murder at the Lanza home is Adam's fault, *somehow* because you have been accumulating PREJUDICIAL 'motive ideas' from the raft of questionable people seeking media attention with their own twisted life-views. So that examination of all sorts of prejudicial motive data is here and now going to be dealt with, starting with misconceptions about Adam's health, about Nancy's wellbeing and mental state, about how they lived, about institutionalization speculation, about the claimed pre-visit, etc.


3) Adam's Health was sickly(was it not?)

-----a) At least one credible witness (as well as several other relatively agenda-free witnesses) have stated that Adam had Aspergers, or more specifically aspergers symptom disorder. What that means in terms of health ideas is here explored in answer to this item's question.

Well, although Adam was certainly not that focused on athletic fitness-health, all the evidence suggests that he however was well cared for and was actively knowledgeable in his own condition. Data mining online shows that a major explanation for the unusual behaviors in the Aspergers-type condition requires some insight into our bodies' adrenal glands workings.

In addition to producing the characteristic adrenaline, that adrenal gland produces/moderates cortisol, which is an energizing hormone that rises to its peak as you are awakening and dwindles throughout the day, sending you into retreat mode when it's low. Aspies have lower cortisol in their blood. Hence when faced with fight-or-flight situations or even low level stressful personal confrontations, their resources require special effort to cope, making them gentle people and somewhat shy. The lower level problem also interferes with usual sleep/wake patterns.

Doesn't quite seem so horrible or scary, now does it!

But it sure does make it possible for prejudice-mongers to target Aspies for being withdrawn and different, especially since they are usually so intelligent.

So do you really think Adam in SWAT gear is a threat?

Adding to the total mis-information being unjustly foisted on aspies -- by ignorant speakers as if they knew some wicked truth about people they are prejudiced against -- are the repeated, ignorant remarks on 'pain infliction' and 'no feeling'. The public seems to feel pompously proud of speaking evil authoritatively -- when offered a microphone -- with no attempt, in their human responsibility before relaying such accusatory remarks, to check the source who conveyed that evil claim to them or at least caution their hearers that they have not checked that authenticity. Libel laws and slander rules are written to prevent such misuse of language and speech. We shall point out that this whole pain-inflicting idea as relevant to Adam's case, nor to the majority of Aspies, is so far wrong as to be witch-burning stupid. Clearly the absence of any countering opinion in the media and their supplying the key to correction is further confirmation that the government school system has grossly failed to develop proper data checking when taking in new information, which lack makes the public profoundly vulnerable to propaganda purveyors and to the vicious compounding of errors. This immoral behavior is especially damnable when done by broadcasting personnel who have preparation time and staff. Absolutely despicable.

Among possible publicly knowable examples and spokespersons for autists, aspies and ADHD people, that public relations and news people that could have been consulting, should have been Dr. Grandin, whose books on the subject, including website presence for fact-checkers would have been easily found in their reach. Dr Temple Grandin is a renowned savant autist, is the inventor of the 'hug' device for comforting children with ordinary autistic tantrums when not yet controllable by their carers, and has independently pioneered a whole field of research -- both academic AND field-applied -- specifically to relieve pain in animal slaughterhouses. On pain, she insists that it is moral to eat meat ONLY if the humans are decently providing a quality life for these animals and a pain-free 'harvesting' experience. I wonder just how thoughtful the irresponsible, bad-mouthing newspeople have been as they eat their fellow creatures every meal of every day. Such concerns possibly mimic her own fear of pain, as Adam would fear, judging by his demonstrated caring concern for those around him and his careful pleasant personality as described in the words of those who respectfully had their own experience with him. Such testimony of Adam's caring interactions were provided by the high school Tech Club advisor and Adam's teacher, plus one of Adam's fellow college students who qualified as her own expert on trying to dispel the hex being worked by the media on their choices in speakers. Plus another highschool friend on youtube who wrote that Adam wouldn't even hurt a fly in his own home.

In addition some research found online with google ease, shared by parents of autists who are finding ways to make progress with their children, does demonstrate that even those other autistic children with pain-related confusions were conceivably in pain themselves in many cases (based on what was discovered to solve the problem) and had no way to describe/identify that pain, but these were low-performing, tantrum-suffering children at the start of the online reported observations. Adam's Aspergers was not that tantrum-suffering type of Autism, if in fact it is legitimate to group Aspergers with every other 'behavioral' disorder in the broad category of autism, as psychiatrists do, all of which category creation is the grossly fabricated 'knowledge' being sold as expertise in the marketplace by people calling themselves psychiatrists with no definitive testing as the basis for their 'behavioral' definitions nor for their diagnoses, and too eager prescription pads for harm-filled drugs. In Adam's case, Nancy was extremely cautious, as every mother should be, not to risk Adam's high level of human performance without severe 'on top of it' information checking.

Among the validly qualified testimony by people with frequent and relevantly deeper interaction with the Lanzas we would point out specifically the decently covering interview on ABCNews with Adam's own mother's friends in town at her favorite restaurant and bistro (MyPlace) where she regularly spoke to the owners -- son and mother especially. For the record, Nancy did specialize in 'dinner-pickup', just so you'll get her own image free of the miserable prejudices. Per that owner/son in this interview, Adam was quiet and shy, and his mother was proud of him and was always 'on it' whenever there was some need for her helping handedness. No lack of ability to convey personal need between Adam and his mother Nancy. End of the public mis-conceptions on Adam's health.

Unaccountably (from a major media outlet with major digging resources, producing the video here being shown as evidence of the real life Adam and Nancy in their friends' experiences), the biased/motivated-freak who does the video-titles for ABCNews has posted that interview (with the three owners of the restaurant) as if it was focussed on just whether his mother was responsible as a gun owner. Go figure. And yes, they emphatically said she was, when finally asked near the end of the video -- after significant revelations on Adam and Nancy's lives -- though gun care is now seen as immaterial, it was all that mattered to the freak AND THE PRODUCER. Similarly that cruelty-minded ABCNews video-namer/producer chose to name another one "Friends: Shooter's Mom Struggled with Son" when the content showed that they were doing quite well, as we shall discuss momentarily. Buyer beware, check contents and founding assumptions, always, including here, though you will find ours pretty thoroughly dug into.

[For more on Adrenal Cortisol levels not being as high as others, leading to discomfort in changes in routine and disruption of location, high/low blood pressure issues and disrupted sleep cycle and awake cycle. etc]

-----b) Related Realizations: By implication since the shooters could not have included Adam, then we'd suggest that the GUNS AT THE SCENE should have been VERY CAREFULLY HANDLED TO SEE JUST HOW MANY DIFFERENT SETS OF FINGERPRINTS WERE ON EACH GUN... But if those guns were as BADLY MANAGED AS THE RIFLE (of whatever sort) THAT WAS IN THE TRUNK of the ( claimed to be Nancy's ) car, then the whole affair is everywhere BUNGLED. In a media video record of the existence of the rifle in the car, we see where the deputy(?) appears to be removing the rifle to display it, AND did not even have gloves on and thoroughly smudged away any trace of prints by a 'user' in his demonstration of how to load, empty cartridges and display it for those present. Online overseers were aghast at the loss.

-----c) In addition to mishandling of gun evidence that would have vindicated Adam, there has been no announced results of ballistics, where are they? Other than the coroner/medical examiner's claim to know "more about weapons than he should" and his own statement that the children were killed with many bullets from a long gun or rifle, there has been no decent ballistics workup demonstrated. So what's missing is the identity of that rifle that fired the shooter's bullets, guaranteeing that the idea of rifles involvement was likely a 'red herring' (for gun control) or who could deny it? Those results are required in the sensible effort to justify ANY VALID charge by identifying the weapons used in killing Adam and his mother as well as what was used to kill the children. And thus the ballistics could validly implicate the real killer and relieve the frozen idea that Adam did any of this, as well as get the investigation going properly to find that real killer.

Such a killer had been clearly threatening Adam with his own death, and that death was then clearly not happening as told to us as being a suicide.

So red herring for gun control or not, 'a rifle' was their story. Until the 'discovery' of the only rifle anywhere to be found, being still locked in the trunk of the car, then suddenly the rifle idea went away, having possibly served its anti-2nd-amendment controllers' of the population with openly fear-mongering purpose.

Now the officials expect us to ignore that their perfidy was discovered (not by them at all) by the officially-castigated public-who-are-so-interested and that official government perfidy is now being slowly erased from sight by their media mouth-pieces implying that it was just 'haste', as if they should be trusted as before, after they have --1) perpetrated gross violations of their intelligence gathering, --2) disrespected the rights of the people to be considered innocent until evidence proves otherwise and --3) grossly violated their duty not to help the heinous killer escape by failing to do thorough and careful management of crime scenes, meanwhile --4) insulted and hampered real help, while swallowing, and worse, regurgitating for media, every lying statement by those in the vicinity. (Curiously ignoring Adam's defenders, who were not that difficult for this writer to find (among those found by others on the scene) without even trying, yet the only voices allowable to have a major microphone (except one ABC mic digging for Nancy's side), were the ignorant, and hostile toward Adam speakers, just TOO coincidental to be excusable, ever.)

Meanwhile, after all this time, we're to just be satisfied with their totally unsupported story and ignore that the ballistics data would open up great opportunities for frozenly being able to focus on the real killer, not Adam, by those who are the members of the demonstratedly competent public-who-are-so-interested and thus those ballistics-withholders are enabling the real killer to escape, free and clear..!

Maybe we shouldn't even trust whatever they eventually publish, considering their fully incompetent and/or criminal-involvement seen so far and their clear motive and opportunity to nowcheat, invent what would definitely temptingly cover their mishandling. Would you trust them to not 'manufacture' stuff to suit their agenda, whatever that is this time???

About Nancy's wellbeing and mental state...

4) Was Nancy's mental state indicative of a deteriorating relationship about to come apart? Was 'the burden' of caring for Adam's few and complicated needs becoming excessive as some expectantly ghoulish individuals were bandying about? Was Nancy giving up her life and chances to enjoy herself so that she would be seeking "relief" in institutionalizing her pride and joy?

Oh well, the media mouthpieces for the officials want us to cancel that 'pride and joy' stuff since we're to believe (mistakenly or under intentional disinformation) that Adam was constantly about to explode. Unfortunately for those who prefer their daytime soaps to factual data, 'pride and joy' does triumph, per the testimony of her frequently interacting contacts ay MyPlace. See the ABCNews videos. And recognize that Nancy was not some housebound drudgery-suffering caregiver, she had her own lively ideas filling her weekly agenda.

And Nancy obviously had hobbies, travel opportunities (a photo of her enjoying the fair last season was among the images and text published online), and lots of resources in her lifestyle. And for the record of the quality of Adam's impact on Nancy's liveliness and sanity in that period immediately prior to the massacre, there's another video showing that Nancy had been caringly able to take a happy, worryfree holiday in northern NH, her native state, 4 hours away, for a pair of scenic days this very December, right before the massacre and her death at the hands of the real killers. Adam's impact was not a 'denial' of opportunity.

The female reporter of that 'scoop' on Nancy's funfilled vacation intended to convey the idea that Nancy was irresponsibly enjoying herself (trying to cast doubt on her gun management) instead of micro-managing Adam's life at home but the reporter failed to show that at all, because Adam was not the killer, as we know, and was not sneaking to prepare for his killing spree while Nancy was absent as that 'journalistic' failure was presuming. The realization that these irresponsible 'journalists' (and I use that term 'journalist' loosely as they presume they know-it-all and presume government never makes errors, never accuses the wrong person, and she and her editor never ever used the word 'alleged' killer, perhaps thinking that a dead assailant could not sue them for their cowardly libel) were still believing all the lies perpetrated as disinformation and never catching on in their own research and 'erudition', all of which blows away that female's idea that she had any credibility as an intelligence-oriented, skilled investigator. Luck and prejudice is what they rely on, only.

Instead, the displayed data on Nancy's friendly conversations while at the resort show that she was relaxed and was in no hurry or in any anxiety, total relaxed visiting, so we know that Adam was not becoming a big worry and leaving him alone to fend for himself for a couple of days wasn't any big anxiety about his behavior and he could be expected to manage by himself with no oversight. Clearly no valid reason on which to base an implication that Adam was such an out-of-control person, suddenly deteriorating over the previous weeks. Quite the opposite, Adam was quietly having downtime to find his own path on which to move forward, after suspending his pursuit of college courses, locally.

About how they lived, and About institutionalization speculation,

In spite of what ease-and-realized-comfort in her home-life with Adam does imply about Adam's making progress, maybe slowly at first, some gossipy speaker (given access to a microphone) has speculated that Adam's mother was preparing to put Adam into an institution, but that conflicts with more solid data on Adam's own future planning that we can infer from Adam's homeschooling and college efforts. Though we shall decline to engage in a lot of life-learning theory for internal sense of direction development explanations for the moment, these patterns of downtime for realignment of effort are confirmed with surprising information in the plumber's testimony based on his in-house observation of the Lanza household.

That plumber was disparaging the idea that Adam showed no interest in engaging with him (sorry fella your conversation wasn't that interesting) in any idea of recognition of any common ground in ideas, but that plumber was nevertheless accurately describing the preferences of an Aspi to shut down any conversation (wouldn't talk to him at all, straightforward rejecting "conversation"), preferring instead quiet time in an undisturbed hideaway in the remoter well-appointed basement, soft loose clothing, gaming on the computer for Adam, no disruptive hassle (just turned inward and walked away), and quiet personality.

In the plumber's cultural ideas, he *presumes* that he is *entitled* to expect that anyone he encounters in his path-smoothing as an 'intruder' in privacy areas while working on his plumbing contract, MUST return his overtures or else he can prejudge them as ANTI-SOCIAL and now entertain us as his erudite assessment of scary people.

(If you want/need more information on life-learning theory, try a couple of issues of Life Learning Magazine.)

Adam was clearly engaging in his own path finding for his life-led learning by detecting his own intuitive needs and inner preferences (by mental role-playing, stimming to study challenges and responsiveness to personal experience of personal challenging effort), appreciating his own developing skills (to see what's easy and pleasuring to engage in and worthwhile in his opinion) and more. Why would anyone not enjoy Adam's own company when you love your child and marvel in their insights and bright ideas, just occasionally revealed for your delight. Stimulating company is not necessarily incessant badgering chattiness or boisterous activity. Surely most people who've had family, close and dear, would easily feel comfortably soothed with such a personality in their presence and household as Adam's. Don't you agree?

So with no sign of deteriorating behavior in that household's reported lifestyle, and such a soothing undemanding yet promising companion, why would anyone EVER be believed to be considering 'institutionalizing' your best friend no matter how much they worry that they need to be more understanding of a way to help. Clearly that gossipy woman is a paparazzi wannabe, with a mind twisted by prejudice against difference, and just hovering around people with microphones to find some reason to get into the company of media personalities, at best.

But even more likely in such a powerfully engineered massacre as this Sandy Hook school shooting, the 'gossipy' woman was far more likely to be an insider to the group of criminal perpetrators. Agreed? Or do you still harbor the idea that there are such statistically-predominant, evil minded people PREFERENTIALLY FAVORED BY GOVERNMENT MOUTH-PIECE MEDIA ANCHORS with their own VIEWERSHIP-TRANSFIXING motivations, based on media/educator assessments of low-intellectual aptitude and public appetite to favor evil-minded commenters reluctant to reveal their identity and bias, instead of hearing from friends that might disrupt the hex the media had built for their illusions in 'the matrix'? Unlike PBS where they did find friends to consult as well in analyzing the relationships over time.

The Peter-and-Nancy divorce/separation had ended one relationship for Adam as well as for Nancy. And Adam's brother had left already to start his accounting training and career. Only Adam was yet in highschool at home back then. So, after high school and more in focus with the gossip's evil charge, let's look at Adam's share of household expenses and responsibilities. Adam's way of life at home, as they were living up to the point of the incident, was no financial strain, by any means, based on the description of his focus on finding entertainment in online gaming and spending all his time in such activities. Nor were spatial and territorial issues, in a home that magnificently accommodatable, going to be some contention. Institutional care would have deprived Nancy of Adam's company and would have been a major expense in any household, plus there is no idea that Adam's mother had that sort of interest in being on her own more than she managed normally, nor was her life overly-constrained by Adam's needs, since someone even provided a photo of Nancy at a fair in NH just a month or so before and she was looking thoroughly at ease. At least twice a week she brought in dinner from her favorite restaurant and bistro where she had friends to visit with during dinner-pick-up. She was not employed in some outside career. A big house, yes, from days gone by, but no big career to complement whatever the divorce settlement was, there was no Jackie Kennedy Onasis style ambition involvement either any more. She just loved her son, sensibly caring and sharing household life with her eccentric companion who loved his mother as his support person now that he was an adult.

But most of all in the medical arena, Nancy had furthermore strongly resisted moves to side-track her brilliant son, as proposed by some at the high school, and thereby bravely was rejecting any tendency to such direction earlier, including the usual likely drugging, aka 'medicating', being pushed by schools, with harmful drugs currently being monstrously over-prescribed and ultimately recorded in the government's pharmaceutical controlled-substances database records. Judging by the developing medical research, by now, and the unfavorable publicity on the drugs in cases of depression, and the absence of drugs as solutions in autism as well, suggests that Nancy would have felt confirmed in her original negative opinion of those drug options and have been unlikely to change her preferences at this point and now adopt such things without seeing evidence of some turnaround in the drug research even if she were distraught with the length of the downtime that Adam was taking. Hence if there was no sign of drugs in the Lanza household as there appears to be none showing up in any 'revealing investigation into motive' by the bragged about police media reporting, then there's absolutely no remaining reason for considering this evil-gossipy woman as having any credibility and assign her idea to oblivion as evidence of anything relevant to the investigation with the exception of considering her to be part of the killer's plan of disinformation spreading necessary for the killers' escape..

So why have we no confirming pharmaceutical investigation results in the search of the Lanza household? With all the talk about drug involvement in previous shootings, didn't those incompetent investigators look through the medicine cabinets, refrigerators, wherever? Why have we heard nothing from the police investigators and their media..? Clearly if they had some evidence of a drug in the Lanza household, one that had side effects that included homicidal or suicidal impulses, that would be front and center by now, surely if the police were decent investigators and the media were not 'deterred' by drug advertising MONEY. And any such bottle, with date of purchase and refill date, count of remaining supply and prescribing MD would be crucial to have as a media announcement of investigation progress... but there has been none. So why would anyone conclude that Adam's condition was deteriorating to the point of needing institutionalization as a motive for an escape attempt involving violence. He was not deteriorating, at all.

Some earlier reports claimed that some uncle of Adam's was making a claim about taking medical drugs. However that earlier story about Adam taking the drug Fanapt -- actually for schizophrenia, a niacin deficiency disorder, not Aspergers -- supposedly on the word of that 'uncle' turned out to be one of those paparazzi weirdnesses. The magazine publisher has retracted the story with the explanation that the individual claiming to be an 'uncle' turns out to have been a well-known faker (also showing up in Aurora CO with phony information) who follows high-profile events and pretends to have knowledge that editors would die for.

As for the possibility that drug evidence was being concealed AND that some incompetent MD would mistake Adam's downtime behavior for schizophrenia -- based on an erroneous opinion that downtime is 'amotivation' which medical term is sometimes among the symptoms of schizophrenia? That serious MISTAKE would be immediately. partly precluded by the current realization in the medical literature that schizophrenia has its onset at ages between 25 and 35, not as young as Adam's dropping out of classes and primarily precluded by the realization of the certainty that Nancy would have checked the side effects, among which was 'aggressive behavior' as 'common', right alongside 'common' heinous wonders such as 'mental impairment', 'seizures', 'stroke', etc.. Yes common! Yes, immoral drug companies get approval from their immoral allies in the FDA! Hideous drug and its hideous manufacturers and hideous approvers. The idea that Nancy would choose to risk such hideous harm on her brilliant son, is so unthinkable, so it stands to reason that there is no way that institutionalization with drugs such as Fanapt was on Nancy's agenda. Compare that drug/desperation to the mere 'worry' in the ABCNews interview testimony on Nancy's care for Adam relative to any such drug that tampers with the brain of a brilliant reclusive eccentric son of whom Nancy was so proud. End of such drug story.

Besides, not only is schizophrenia just a nutritional deficiency of epic proportions requiring daily doses of niacin that are 500 TIMES the corrupted FDA's limits of 'recommended' daily ALLOWANCE.. BUT it came to our attention in the recent PBS special (unfortunately they're not able to undo the population and government-induced prejudiced opinion from horror and disinformation) THAT ADAM AND HIS MOTHER NANCY were going to buy a home in either WASHINGTON state or NORTH CAROLINA so that ADAM COULD STUDY HISTORY (per one of Nancy's family members, beginning the search in 2012 for a college that would fit Adam's requirements so that he would be able to pursue his interests as definitely successfully as his WCSU 3.25 grade point average would show possible as an healthy, attainable benchmark) whIch study-of-history interest would be a natural subject for someone accomplished at stimming, aka simulating story explanations, especially for someone like Adam who was curious about why people do the things they seem to favor doing, for their own ODD REASONS... That's right our culture IS ODD IN ANY RATIONAL ASSESSMENT, and this western society should re-examine its own self and restore real evidence-and-natural-law-based lifestyle and relationships, and we believe there is a move to doing such, beginning with SENSIBLE SUSTAINABILITY as Nancy was doing before the killers ended her lively ideas.

End of that story, both of them, the paparazzi-uncle and the toxic-gossip, because no evidence of desperation exists or is credible. Adam and Nancy were working on planning a new adventure and opportunities. Distraught with change needed does not mean desperate. Amotivation is not downtime and vice versa. Mark both the paparazzi 'uncle' and the evil-gossipy woman as SUSPECTS until further investigation to justify their release from suspicion. They are at least guilty of disinformation in a felony of extreme proportions.

And to confirm this analysis of Nancy and Adam's story is the ABC News video on "Friends: Shooter's Mom Struggled with Son" which instead shows that Nancy was only worried about changing academic direction, not some behavioral troubles. No such frightening behavior issue was ever claimed to exist and the speakers reference nothing of the sort.

Specifically, the video confirms in the midst of the interviewer's agenda: -----a) Nancy was very proud of Adam's accomplishments, taking a stream of college courses, already as early as age 16, and almost totally ace-ing them. Clearly, Nancy had high expectations for Adam's brilliance, (and so do we, posthumously) like we see in the autistic writer & animal behaviorist PhD, Temple Grandin who wrote extensively on her own experience, reaching success and describing what it was like for her to be autistic of some kind back when she was struggling to succeed. Just because Adam did not find the college (starting Western CT State U nearby at age 16) appealing after a bunch of courses doesn't mean he was falling apart, only that he wanted something different than that direction in academia. And Nancy couldn't figure out what resource to provide so she was distraught, not depressed, much less deceiving nor desperate. Just normal finding direction, and impatient at most, likely.

Unfortunately, many prejudiced -- before (because Adam was different) and/or now (because of police and media libelous incompetence and soaps-brained tv) -- people have converted her motherly concern and ordinary distress (over changing goals and life-led self-learning) into ideas of Adam being psychologically "ill" in some threatening way.. At least, now that people's thinking has been toxified by the police and media's immoral and illegal lying..

For the record, going from classroom-driven learning to life-led home-learning generally requires about one month of downtime for every year in schoolish-driven learning before the learner becomes self-directed, then the rate of progress is turned on its head without the classroom organizational slowness. Similar downtime transitions occur in becoming self-employed. Adam was simply taking his transition at a time when most of his age-mates are engaging in a frenzy of activity, so it was more noticeable, especially since he was so far ahead of his age-peers when he started college.

-----b) Like her fellow companion at the MyPlace bistro (that Nancy favored two dinners a week at) said, she spoke to him often but her concerns were not about discord over bad behavior of any 'sick' kind. Get it into people's heads. Adam didn't shoot his mother, THE KILLER(S) DID. Clearly, her distress was over changing direction of goals, not unusual in this current climate of college-worth bad news everyday, with all the attendant lack of focus on real study ideas by students. Adam was not in trouble or her companions would have heard about that specifically.

-----c) And as for friendly social relationships while at school, a young woman who was a student in Adam's classes said that there was nothing "scary" about Adam and just that he was shier than most people understood. And in a separate post at youtube, a young fellow from Adam's technology club basically confirmed that Adam was gentle and extremely intelligent.

As a companion, Adam was very honest, though not outgoing with those who didn't share any interests or who engaged in unthinking social games and rigamorole. Looking at the most recent photo of Adam from the divorce period precisely, shows a very honest young man, very worried about the future as his home-relationships were disintegrating, no cover up grin. He was his mother's moral support and inspiration for struggling through. Even Adam's closest teacher, from the technology club as well, said he was so brilliant, and gentle in conversation, echoing the pleasant ideas posted by that one of those club members who considered himself Adam's friend. (in a youtube posting)

ERGO, we shall keep that gossiper under observation as a potential suspect, complicit directly as a planned toxic contributor, wanted in the criminals planning, since disinformation is a verifiable asset in devious scheming to inflict harm.

So then why was Adam tangled in this killing spree at all. Surely his pivotal role as patsy must mean something. Why Adam and why his mother, or why either of them, since an attack based on one would have led to confrontation with the other.

Purposeful inclusion of something or someone that has a role as one of the key components in a scheme would be in that scheme to provide consequences that were desired by the schemer. So what are those?

Coming soon, we'll dig into how Adam and Nancy were dragged in so as to get those consequences. Part 7 whatever? -- Sandy Hook -- Why Adam and Nancy.. coming hopefully next week.

Plus Why the children and even better HOW the children ?... coming sooner than later, but shocking as you will see, if you dare.

What we were told were lies, constant lies. Incessant, vicious engineered lies.

Not simple random errors of 'fog or war', as the government's media's new reassurances deceive.

What would it take for you to withdraw your support from this Fast&Furious, mafia-infested, monetarily incoherent US government, with full realization that you will face seriously jeopardizing your own credibility with your peers, at least highly likely so.. BUT at such a serious level of shock and realization, you will just *know* that you can not imagine any other path for your own integrity.. Well this may be that moment. Don't give up.

Caio and/or ttyl.

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  1. The contrast between this young fellow and the acknowledged killer in Denmark (Anders Breivik) is so astonishingly incompatible. HOW CAN PEOPLE SWALLOW THE OBVIOUSLY INSANE IDEA THAT ADAM LANZA FIT ANY IDEA OF MASS MURDERER POSSIBILITY.

    Breivik was physically bigger and stronger than his agemates at school, joined gangs that engaged in aggressive vandalism (politically motivated), took steroids, spent large amounts of time on weight training, ran a farm operation at one point.

    Not just engaged -- the only comparison to Adam -- in video gaming that challenged his target skills, something with other uses.

    And just as many of us are curious and stunned by the frequency and newness of this mass murdering that is plaguing this country, IT'S NOT CRIMINAL to engage in studying that shocking phenomenon as many who are pursuing FORENSICS for their own interests, hobby or just seeking patterns of explanation for DEFENSE PURPOSES. Martial artists would consider it if they had the time.

    What sort of moronic population, lets itself be driven like slaves into a frenzy against someone on the basis of such fear-insane-upside-down 'evidence' and 'speculatiion-without-proper-thought', never using their own logic and fact-finding? Never recognizing when the mongering is probably done with must-be full intent to deceive.

    Cheers. We'll need it.