Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fine Oil and Clean Coal from Waste -- Trash into Treasure

Oil from all plastics, coal from garbage, ethanol ?

BRAVO!!!  now onto our local waste mountain-maker, namely Rumpke's and their current repugnant abuse of our local county's (Brown County's) citizen's right to have a future with a simple task of sorting your trash WHEN YOU PUT YOUR STUFF TO BE DISPOSED OF INTO THE RIGHT separate CAN/BAG..... 

Every bit of paper is already going in its own collecting bag, right!!! 

and metal DITTO, in its own bag, right!!! 

then it's only 2 more bags, one for ALL PLASTICS...

and the other for compostables to go into the composting BIN, with the household grease and pet excreta
.. or (if you live in an apartment or don't do gardening) to bag for pickup!

And if we can defeat the Health Department (the traitors) with their evil ideas on sewage, we can have sustainably low tech composting toilets and be free to put them into service without the ungodly expense of blackwater mounds, ever again. Just use a GREYWATER CONSTRUCTED WETLANDS to get your own natural habitat benefits instead of the 'health' department's TOXIC septic tanks leaking.

And even in the city, the sewers would be hugely less trouble if households were greywater. And you can (with already existing systems) in the city and burbs, just convert the water toilets to bidets for improved hygiene, and add a simple composting lou (buckets if you're inclined like Joe Jenkins system), and it's LEGAL.. you'd even save on your water and sewer bill !

Here's the BRAVO news from FuelFix and Waste Management's creative genius CEO David Steiner:

Fuel Fix » Houston waste company turning trash into treasure

Posted on December 31, 2012 by EJ Grace LLC

A new plant in Oregon could help transform the waste industry with a remarkable new technology: Garbage goes in, oil comes out.

The business objective is to create new energy products out of waste and perhaps eventually eliminate the need for trash storage in landfills altogether, Waste Management CEO David Steiner said. Waste Management’s also investing in such technology as replacing coal with pellets made from garbage and converting trash into ethanol.

The company determined it could earn up to $15 billion a year if it could efficiently separate and resell the nearly 100 million tons of garbage it collects annually.

Waste Management licenses the plastics-to-oil technology, which it will put to work at the pilot plant in Portland, Ore.

Although the plant could utilize plastics taken out of everything from shrink wrap to yogurt containers, it will rely mainly on discarded material from local manufacturing plants, mostly wrap, sheeting and hard plastics like those found in toys.

Plastic is made largely from petroleum. By recovering that petroleum, the Portland plant is projected to produce about 75,000 barrels of oil a year. That is 29 times the rate of the average oil-producing well in Texas, according to the Railroad Commission of Texas.

[EACH such plant is equivalent to nearly 30 oil wells!!]

Substitute for coal

The company also owns the process for transforming garbage into pellets that could be used as a substitute for coal. Waste Management has a plant for the so-called SPEC fuel pellets in San Antonio and is building another plant in Philadelphia.

Caesar said the pellets can be burned by coal plants with a fraction of the emissions generated by coal.

Most waste companies have shied away from investing in conversion technology, instead focusing their cash on operational changes to cut costs and boost earnings, said analyst Barbara Noverini of the investment research firm Morningstar.

[Like Rumpke in our county!

We should give all these "most waste companies" with their lazy cowardly unimaginative CEOs a hint that they can either get an oil producing license themselves or we'll cancel their contract!

Dig into your own county's relationships.

Rumpke has a seat on the Board of Health and pays 'tipping fees' to the County Commissioners, officially, so the Health Department intercepts complaints (only one issued despite 6 years of agitating and evidence galore).

Meanwhile the OEPA conveniently closes its eyes and we pay the price for oil and electric when we could have better instead of the stinking, polluting, growing mountain as Rumpke imports massive amounts of waste from other counties who don't want the stuff either in their backyard. Time for a change.]

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