Monday, October 27, 2014

Justice Process TEST: Coroner's Proof -v- Crony Prosecution Control of GrandJury

Here in Western Appalachian Ohio, and more specifically in Brown County Ohio, there is a murder to be 'processed' by the so-called U.S./Ohio Justice system.

Hopefully, you will have heard about Zachary Goldson, a young fellow who had been in minor trouble as a juvenile and was under restrictions over firearms. That young fellow rashly did use a sawed off shotgun near Georgetown, presumably during a time while on a visit to see his mother there. No one was harmed, NOT EVEN THREATENED, yet the forces of law, SUPPOSEDLY TO PROTECT AND SERVE, saw fit to jail that young fellow and convict him of such a pile of charges as to make him likely to face 5 years in prison.

Unreal as a service to the public's wellbeing. Unreal as a demonstration of judicial purpose. Presumably we have Judge Scott T Gusweiler to thank for that miscarriage, as well as the Brown County Prosecutor, Jessica Little. Their conscience burns.

But worse, during Zachary's confinement, under unmet-monstrous bail requirement, his restless behavior got a deputy or two angry. The story of his altercation at the hospital -- where they had just discharged him for later surgery to remove inappropriate debris from an inordinate swallowing stunt -- provided some dashcam and other testimony of observers of the threat made to 'break his (expletive deleted) neck when they got back to the jail'.

That threat was made by one of the Sheriff's deputies, named RYAN WEDMORE. And within a blink of an eye after returning Zachary to a jail cell, the 911 operator was notified to send an ambulance to the jail because an inmate was hanging in the cell, reported in 911 recordings with a very strange phrasing by female corrections officer named SARAH MCKENZIE.

Now enter the Corooner Dr Judith Varnau, and she decides based on her rather well thought out figuring, that Zachary was a homicide victim. In the flurry of activity, some crucial videotape -- covering the hall outside Zachhary's cell -- was TAKEN OUT OF SERVICE BY THE CHIEF DEPUTY JOHN SCHADLE. Schadle, for your entertaining of motives, has a son also on duty that night in the Jail. Not that it matters, right? That tape was written over, and there were conflicting stories (unconfirmed as yet) that NO COPY WAS MADE FOR PRESERVATION OF RELATED EVIDENCE... That's serious OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE BY THE CHIEF DEPUTY. By any unbiased standard. Any objections?


But we're not done. Nope, no one other than jail personnel had seen Zachary hanging, as described. Add to that the fact that jail cells as well as many other such institutions have specially designed sprinkler systems where the heads break off at a minimal weight (namely 40 pounds) specifically to prevent suicidal episodes. By the time any outsider arrived Zachary was on the floor, in handcuffs, no less. Oh yeah, they claimed they put those on him BEFORE they attempted CPR, rotflac. In fact they were so intelligent in administering CPR that they didn't for some reason remove the noose (a sheet) around his throat. rotflasac. Is there any way to describe such crime and motive to visually prove to investigative eyes that indeed the sheet is what killed him?

Is there anything but murder written all over this list of facts? And so in steps the Coroner, judiciously, and begins the process of documenting every detail. My, did she thoroughly analyze it. Wouldn't you? Considering the reality of what the real events were?

So what would a GENUINE sheriff do, under those circumstances, especially and precisely after the Coroner issues her opinion that this was a homicide? Any other jurisdiction would have taken those officers involved OFF DUTY TO PUBLIC WORK, balancing public safety against the rights of an accused. Wenninger announced that he trusted "HIS MEN" and they were unaffected. Would you agree that was favoring everybody equitably?

After all, (sarcasm intended) wouldn't you want your 8 year old in the custody of such an accused murder suspect for a charity christmas shopping trip, as a publicity stunt to make parents relieved that their children would feel safer doing their private gift shopping with photo ops for county law enforcement publicity, because christmas shopping is a dangerous affair for young people. Hmmmmmmm..?

This county has a questionable sheriff in the first place, since he clearly filed false credentials in his runs for office and a grand jury made him stand trial for that in 2003. If those credentials hadn't been counterfeit, the grand jury would/should have No-Billed the charges made, once the grand jury had been shown the credentials and the law on what was legitimate. Clearly there was a sheriff who violated the law with unworthy credentials, BUT DID HE PASS THOSE COUNTERFEIT CREDENTIALS **KNOWINGLY**???

That was what the jury was told to determine. And they did decide that the Sheriff wasn't smart enough to be doing such fraud *knowingly*.

THEN CAME THE COLLABORATION OF THE MEDIA AND THE JUDGES. The media blared the headline SHERIFF INNOCENT and the Judge -- Ringland, now promoted to Appeal Court judge with hopes of higher for each special case he handles -- SEALED THE COURT RECORDS... So the public didn't catch on AND WHEN A CANDIDATE LATER CHALLENGED THAT UNQUALIFIED SHERIFF AT ELECTION TIME, every one was convinced that the sheriff should win, and when that candidate took the battle to the courts, everyone was LED TO BELIEVE THAT THE SHERIFF WAS A VICTIM OF A POOR LOSER.. imagine that??

Oh but it gets even better. The upper level courts either refused to hear the case, one saying that he'd made his complaint prematurely, and the next court, that his complaint should have been filed earlier. Go figure, but know (in your figuring) that the courts in Ohio are mainly populated by the same party as the sheriff's. All the way to the US Supreme Court, which in a demonstration of total incompetence as an institution, REFUSES TO LISTEN TO 99% OF THE CASES BROUGHT THERE AT GREAT EXPENSE AND EXTREME GRIEVANCE. Ohio's own Supreme Court nearly matches that dignity (or indignity if you're among the aggrieved) with a refusal rate of 93% when last tallied. JUSTICE DOES NOT PREVAIL in Ohio nor in the SCOTUS.

And we're not done yet with appalachian glory. That challenger to the Sheriff's right to be considered qualified was none other than Dr Varnau's husband, whose own qualifications would shame most nearly every candidate for sheriff ever imagined, since Dennis Varnau was not only a trained police office with appropriate experience but had a law degree acquired from the military after a career as a nuclear submarine engineer during the Vietnam war, and after. So now we hear nothing from the brain-dead, gossip-greedy media in this battle but the idea that this is nothing but politics on the Coroner's side. Clearly all the corrupt politics was in other hands whose fingerprints are all over this history of wrongdoing. No wrongdoing has ever been shown on the Varnau side, all the complaints are about his lawful challenges as being (gasp) bothersome, annoying, and incessant.

Determination and defiance are not virtues in appalachia any more, under the current influences -- like schools -- on that society.

So now we have this test of this society and its law enforcement characters. Agreed, this will be a real test.

For your edification, we have acquired from those surrounding Zachary's parents, the text of the Coroner's analysis to be presented to the Grand Jury this month, per the newspaper's announcement. Yet we will see just how corrupted the Ohio Justice system can possibly be. After seeing the Bureau of Criminal Investigation under the Ohio Attorney General DeWine's control, all Republican, like the Sheriff, take a YEAR (not a couple of months, like the Coroner) to prepare their own assessment, yet BCI's results are hidden from public view, keeping the observant public in the dark over whether the BCI will unlikely support the Coroner (rotfl) or the Sheriff's men/women (aka a GANG of murderers and complicit obstructive coverup perpetrators) with enough cleverness to FOOL THE MEMBERS OF THE GRAND JURY..

Don't think this is not possible, as we have seen other Grand Jury's engage in stunning displays of both genius and criminal prejudice, stupidity and worse (See the report at under the title 'The Unjustice System')

Spread what your own decision would have been if you had been on the GJ, with the understanding that you have the advantage of having seen the actual Coroner's analysis (next), since one tactic to deceive the actual Grand Jury would be to hide or obscure or eviscerate the evidence and overwhelm the GJ with so much opinion and credentials, as to deflect justice. It's your assignment, should you choose to accept it, to complete this test, as you are now really the ones also being tested.. As we all are here also making it our own joyous chore to insist that justice shall prevail. TTYL Sherlock Holmes hat, at the ready!

****** THE CORONER'S REPORT ******* ****** THE CORONER'S REPORT ******

And for your use in disseminating this Coroner's careful analysis, we are hereby linking a downloadable copy. Go for it

Speculation, from here on:
Possible murder weapon standard Police Hobble Strap

Instead of being used to quickly tie ankles to prevent escape, it appears to be possible that several 'law officers' dragged our young fellow, struggling naturally, but still in hinged handcuffs, around the floor by his neck, as their idea of the 'party' at the jail, threatened by Wedmore at the hospital, minutes before leaving the hospital scuffle and arrival at the jail, and done in the 9 minutes while supposedly just removing restraints but having no other requirement to accomplish in that otherwise empty-of-purpose 9 minute interval, which they reported as used for 'leaving him in the cell', which we do conclude was in his jail clothing so they could replace the floor-wiping evidence by switching to suicide watch paper clothing when they were done). Concealing their 'party'.

All four then left to establish alibis, but Zane Shadle, Chief Deputy Shadle's son, aborted his claimed 'smoke break' normally 15 minutes allowable, to handle the suicide appearance, including the need to acquire ladder, sheet, paper clothing, and a scissors. Hence the need to destroy the video camera tape of the activity in the hall outside the cell.

Considering the young fellow's easy ability to relay the incident afterwards, if alive, those four could not let him live to tell. Premeditated murder by a gang of thugs in uniforms and badges. How much the female corrections officer McKenzie is involved easily is seeable as at least awareness of and completely supporting Zane Shadle, as maybe are the other staff, especially Deputy Chief John Shadle, Zane's 'old man'.

The Sheriff's men.

Pure speculating, but fitting the evidence. Make your own assessment of the WHO-DUNN-IT part, using the solid data assembled and analyzed by the Coroner to achieve her lawful responsibility to determine 'cause and manner' only. Not the who-dunn-it part, from which she has refrained. As has the Sheriff made no effort (purportedly waiting on BCI) except for support for Shadle and attacks on the Coroner (see previous posts) in which criminally motivated attacks the Prosecutor assisted with eagerness, which assessment is based on her newspaper quotes.

.Spread it around so it can't be hidden and swept under some rug.