Monday, April 22, 2013

Gunshots and Possums in Sandy Hook's mysteries explainable

The heroic janitor or the body-snatching custodian?
Confirming a ghastly possibility ?

Knowing what we know now about Adam and a few of the possible accomplices, maybe killers, it just seems so completely wrongheaded to imagine that anyone would give credence to the story of the 'heroic' janitor. But they did. Without thinking about it twice.

Imagine someone bold enough to come into range of the marksman-killer, accidentally or not, and demand that we believe he was close enough to the marksman-killer to demand that the gunman 'put down the gun'??. Then regale us with the idea that he then managed to get away, to run through the halls pushing students and teachers into their classrooms and locking their doors...While he stayed quietly somewhere out in the hallway, supposedly in mortal danger... And to live to tell the story to the police when they came in response to the 9-1-1 calls, presumably. Though all we have as evidence that he was actually standing guard, as the myths do say, is the story of his shouting to the police when they arrive that he isn't the shooter, retold by the 'saved' ones cowering inside the locked-down rooms, when they finally opened their doors b/c they heard the police come noisily down their hall.

So now what else could a janitor actually be doing in the hallways, such as in the first of the scenarios we are examining for its credibility, ghastly as that pedophile theory is. So is there a real hero? Somehow, his name was not easy to come by, nor was he ever interviewed by the media, wonder why?

Well, once the internet observers got ahold of this report, they went off to find out more about this individual 'hero', even if the media was content to just repeat the myth. Guess what those internet observers found.

First of all, there was a limited number of candidate janitors. First was the main custodian, named Kevin J Anzellotti, and the searching only found his facebook page which the data-miner decided she was not going to dignify the content thereof with her own description because she said it was rather obnoxious... However, by the time I saw her video and went there, the whole area was thoroughly familyized. Completely, not a sign of anything remotely 'obnoxious'.

SOMEONE was paying attention to the datamining on Youtube. Otherwise, just wonder why Anzelotti's page was suddenly drastically revised. We shall have to consult with the data-miner as soon as possible to see if that element of noxiousness matched one or another of the scenario theories..

The only other candidate for janitor-hero was a semi-retired former janitor who was not on the staff somehow until sometime after November this 2012, neatly just a month before the massacre he shows up to help? Neatly just about the time that the first of the slipups of uncleaned-up evidence of wrongdoing from the planning stages, handiwork that had been left visible online and discovered by data-miners, specifically the polished video memorial (about Sandy Hook victims) stored on VIMEO with a confirmatory dated twitter (complete with title) that the upload had been accomplished, all of which produced the expectable reactions when shown on Youtube... mop-up time after VIMEO tried to claim that the video (seen and clips captured and presented) had *really* been uploaded sometime *later* than the date showed (making one wonder how credulous they think we are).

The name of this 'other' janitor was Rick Thorne and may have been the actual one locking down all the rest of the school people so they wouldn't be involved with the disaster in progress. To the benefit of all concerned. The bearer of that name however, in any list of addresses and identities in the general Newtown area, was living quietly and not to be disturbed by anyone since he seems to be unavailable at the moment. Perhaps the police brutality idea of being threatened with handcuffs to be sent to jail might explain it. Else where can he be?

Well consider this, since WE KNOW THAT whichever mythical janitor source it was, that janitor bragger WAS FULLY LYING IN THE ATTEMPT TO SPREAD DISINFORMATION since we don't want to so easily believe that the shooters with their MARKSMANSHIP would have missed and neglected such a risky male interfering in the shooters' planning, then we would have asked different questions about his mythical activities while the massacre was supposedly in progress. And likely had him arrested as an accomplice, shortly.
    For one, we'd like to know just what he was doing at the time of the 'encounter' with the killers AND that activity should also be on the security camera data. Because if the JANITOR was an accomplice, that completely makes it MUCH MORE FEASIBLE TO BRING DEAD CHILDREN INTO THE SCHOOL in boxes AND REPLACE THE GAS-ANESTHETIZED SANDY HOOK CHILDREN WITH THE DEAD ONES. Yes, presumably in suitably-sized, plastic-lined, cardboard boxes or even lightweight crates handled just looking like supply boxes with furnishings perhaps. Heaping the dead children -- used by the pedophiles and killed elsewhere with 'long gun' weapons using 3-11 bullets each, and boxed for this profitable operation -- anywhere in the classroom while gassing the cupboards where the teacher had put the students in, and maybe even blocked them in. The whole operation would not take very long WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF A KNOWLEDGEABLE JANITOR, or even two when needed.

    So now you see why we think that there should not only be demands for the security camera footage presumably on cameras still in service, maybe even the data from the ones that could have been shot-out by the killers in the area where the killers were working.

    ... Until the funeral, none of the parents were ever allowed to see their child, so who knows what child was buried in those coffins. If a coffin was wanted open for the funeral, in spite of the official instruction to parents not to do so, then the difficulty -- for the pedophile theory's viability -- is still surmountable by the criminals, IF at least one of the CORONER'S CREW (likely one of those brought in to 'help'? maybe from FEMA's drill group or from the state's drill group) WERE ALSO IN ON THIS OPERATION, THEN THE PERMITTING OF AN OPEN CASKET (with the wrong body currently planned for disposal) COULD BE RESOLVED BY ENDING THAT MOTHER'S REAL CHILD'S LIFE (at that point in the custody of the pedophile) AND THAT NOW-DEAD CHILD BE RESUBSTITUTED in the casket AT DELIVERY TIME TO THE FUNERAL HOME. Ghastly, absolutely ghastly, but easily fitting the timeframes and supplying support for motive and profit to someone or to someones. And thoroughly consistent with the horribly immoral operators of such a pedophile ring where the lives of children are cheapened.

The Children's Story -- the mainstream possum vs the various children sought out by online media doing investigative coverage

As we scoured the evidence and other testimony of credible witnesses, we came to the testimony of children (appearing to be selected by online media) and have found it to be mostly in favor of this ghastly pedophile interpretation IF THE CORONER'S CLAIM OF 3-11 LONG RIFLE BULLETS PER VICTIM IS BELIEVABLE. Else the children's testimony means the Coroner was lying and the Witness Protection scenario is preferred.

To be specific: The children, uniformly have reported NOTHING LIKE THE HUNDREDS OF ROUNDS OF BULLETS FIRED RIGHT THERE INSIDE THEIR OWN OTHERWISE QUIET SCHOOL BUILDING. Unlike the woman's 9-1-1 statement, presumably at the initiating of police involvement, claiming the curiously accurate number of bullets in the police theory that the autopsies seem to also show -- a hundred gunshots she said, in advance basically.

Hundreds of bullets? A horrendous racket of cacophony that would have likely rattled the windows all over, judging from the online demonstration of the decibels of actual gunfire from either a Bushmaster or an AR-15 and we do suggest that FIRING RANGES ARE AN EXAMPLE OF HOW CACOPHONOUS THAT MAYHEM WOULD HAVE BEEN.

So let's examine those children's , LIKELY, innocent-of-agenda testimonies.
    A couple of the older boys did report that the their estimate of the gunfire was not rapid fire, nor many, but more like 'animal control workers' they thought might be in the woodsy area somewhere nearby. As far as frequency and less than cacophonous sound, this would fit with the teacher's assistant in the locked down part of the school, who also added that the firing came in a pair of sessions, separated by a significant pause, during which time she was using her cellphone to call 9-1-1, plus calling her daughter who was an EMT thinking she would have been frighteningly alerted to come to her mother's aid but found out that no EMT alert had been sent yet. Some questioned her veracity since her description was not representative of the expected cacophony, but now may be seen as the giveaway that the gun story is majorly not trustworthy.

    Another child of younger age and possibly in a more nearby classroom if the classes were arranged progressively by age-grade, said that it sounded like 'pots and pans clattering' like someone clumsily handling furniture, which was the assessment of another child who said that it sounded like the 'janitor banging furniture around in the gym' rafters or some such structural storage idea. All of which support the idea that the janitor (maybe both) was/were moving bodies in boxes in haste.

Now let's look at the major play given to another mainstream media-favored child.

The only story that is currently being harder to analyze is the story of the child, the only one in the 'first classroom' to escape being killed with the other near couple dozen dead children, was that she was 'playing dead' under the piled up disarray.

Well now that poses the interesting question, DID SHE ONLY GO OUT OF CONSCIOUSNESS MOMENTARILY (not getting as much gas) WHILE THE OTHERS WERE BEING SHIPPED INTO BOXES AND SHE GOT MIXED UP WITH THE ALREADY DEAD CHILDREN... OR.... WAS SHE ONE OF THE ACTOR-CHILDREN, maybe never even in the class, AND WAS SIMPLY DOING HER ROLE FOR THE DISINFORMATION OPERATION? [The actors in this circus will be analyzed in the next posting] You can guess..

Now it's our turn. We would ask how it was unrecognized that, with all the bullets flying 'supposedly in the police-interpreted story', that some stray bullet must be hiding somewhere in that child's body. So figure it out yourself. We keep trying to find a way to discard this pedophile theory, or even the govt/mafia theory, BUT IT KEEPS COMING BACK IN SPADES. We thought for a while that the possum-playing child was going to succeed in complicating the pedophile theory, until we thought of the stray bullet problem. If there were no stray bullets in that child's body then the possum story does not make sense (unless there weren't that many bullets at all and the official 9-1-1 caller is lying, for her own reasons), and only the knock-out gas idea (then finding herself under the pile of the coverup children, whose presence would be being cleared away as she was being unearthed by rescuers so she would not have been wanting to see more of the horror) explains her experiences as well as CONFIRMS THE OPERATIONAL DETAILS. Ghastly, but we must be DEMANDING RELIEF from uncertainty BY EVIDENCE TO EITHER SAVE THE 'MISSING CHILDREN' OR TO RENDER THE THEORY'S PUZZLES OTHERWISE EXPLAINED.

So we would demand the dead children be exhumed BY INDEPENDENTS FOR DNA EXAMINATION, defintely FROM OUTSIDE THE U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT's CONTROL AND OUTSIDE ERIC HOLDER'S ALLIES' CONTROLLING INTERESTS.. assuming they weren't cremated. then what...

Surveillance Cameras Needed

We have heard from one of the swat-knowledgeable Youtubers pursuing this story that HOLDER, yes Fast & Furious Holder, HAS TAKEN CUSTODY OF THE TAPES ! As our source said, "Just like the 9-11 Pentagon security camera tapes"...

Would we even trust whatever video concocted data the police/Holder would produce by this time, without broad spectrum internet experts' own confirmation of it being genuine?? Not!

If the police said that they kept an original, then let them show it post haste, otherwise it's a unreliable as the Holder copy, and in fact, even now, it's been too long for clear trust of any kind.

How much worse could the police have handled this? There's no indication in anything they have told us or produced that would suggest that they even made use of such a valuable piece of evidence. So we don't know if the security system failed, if the management of the security system failed, or if the police even looked at anything on it at all.

You might have wondered if there was a security system there at all to be looked at, or what was handed over to Holder.. The announced-to-parents high-tech surveillance and security system, that appeared to have been installed at the Sandy Hook grade school, supposedly worked by insisting on personal face and/or card identification, which system's records should provide such answers to confirm or expose comings and goings, at the very least. How many more cameras? Location? Their condition? Were the cameras even turned on? That leaves us to seriously doubt even the school's security staffers.

What was reasonable to expect from these people with direct and immediate access?

Quick responsiveness is REASONABLE TO EXPECT. Especially when the police department had massacre crisis training, as we have seen their CT state mouth-piece 'lieutenant' Paul Vance did appear in DHS videos of Aurora, CO, scavenged from DHS propaganda. Amazed at his Batman massacre presence?

How fast could the data have been in the hands of the police? As an example of the sort of speed expectable: When the asteroid exploded over Russia just a couple weeks ago, it was only moments before someone had uploaded the security footage of the timeframe around the impact so that the results in one of the offices being watched by a video security camera could be seeable and show how things shook and how the impact could be evaluated. No questions asked, 'rapid' is not beyond expectation.

If the stuff existed, maybe its display of the evidence WAS NOT confirming THEIR wild theory of a lone crazed shooter or maybe they didn't want to look? You'd think security tapes didn't exist, even though it appears the system did, which would mean possibly that the security system was intentionally shut down temporarily. Totally unacceptable managing.

The investigation was so tangled with chases in the woods suggesting multiple shooters, and the total confusion over weapons used, is just so suspect as being directed mismanagement by 'someone' with clout or control.

Reasonably evaluated, they needed immediate confirmation in the security tapes of real timing, sound & fury, number of shooters (four like the car doors opened?) which weapons, others in the hallways, including escaping children (how?), who to believe in the tangled lies. Those tapes' data should have been IMMEDIATELY ACCESSED BY STAFF UNDER SUPERVISION AND PRESENTED AS CONFIRMING-REASSURANCE THAT ALL THE MURDERER(S) WERE DOWN AND NOT STILL AT LARGE and that THOSE NOW IN CHARGE WERE COMPETENTLY HANDLING THE EVIDENCE, knowing where to look for prints, and myriad other messed up details....

You be your own judge.

The families testified that they experienced that security systems' operation whenever they came to the school, so you'd think security tapes did truly exist as advertised, IF the security system was not intentionally shut down temporarily... why? to accommodate the incoming killers'? Leading back to the suspicions about insiders helping the killers. Turning it off 'inadvertently' doesn't seem credible for a manager of that security system. Police and security staffers should have to answer for this loss of evidence. And in Holder's hands it's truly lost. End of that vital opportunity. On to another.

Next we want to look at Mass Media Treachery and FEMA's knowable use of Crisis Actors.. Then we're ready to open the pandora's box of The Reason for Adam and Nancy.. what a knockout. TTYL