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Open Letter to the County Commissioners of Brown County

 Open Letter to BrownCountians: 

Safer, More Effective, Less Expensive, More Pleasant Drug-cessation Therapy

Because it EXISTS and is NEEDED here as well as all over the U.S. of A.

Recently I wrote this to our elected officials in Brown County

       because of the constant drug cases in the BC court news, 

      because of the extreme harm statistics in the news, 

     because of the demonstrable failure of the ''mental health'' and ''drug cessation programs'' 

    and their inhuman costs..

Presumably this subject fits all their stated election campaigns…yet they stonewall the SOLUTIONS that I claimed needed their attention…..

Very disappointing

because Brown County had bravely joined the class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of false hope that the company’s pain-relief drug was not going to be addictive, when company internal documents showed that they KNEW IN ADVANCE that it definitely was addictive…


What do we-the-people of this county sense is real and good? Doable, preferred, and a just solution to the tangles of mistakes and bad luck..

If you prefer a video of the research history, on those cure solutions, here it is..

If you thought that the forces that control news and commentary were successful in suppressing covid *early treatments* that showed beneficial prospects as well as suppressing conservative voices of the ‘deplorables’, then let me tell you that such unholy control is nothing compared to what they do to cures that are not profitable to those in charge.

What I am about to show you has been struggling to be adopted for decades, in spite of multiple studies proving my initial claims above of 

    incessant drug-tangled lives being revivable, 

   extreme harm avoided, 

   medical failures that merely enslave the caught victim to a different drug profitable to exactly the medical failure sources  

  and inhuman costs being easily escaped as well..

Do you, like many Americans, take nutrient supplements? Vitamin C specifically.

Most don't take more than 1,000mg/day thinking they are pushing the limits since the FDA's RDA is only 100mg, yes...  1/10th of what the public has been led to believe is aggressive and hence an unnecessary and pointless dose.

But FACT:  Nature designed the animal kingdom vastly differently than what the FDA plans for Americans, specifically FDA experts persist in calling the RDA the 

'ordinary' human need,

but in reality it's

'ordinary poor health' for humans..

You see, EVERY animal -- except guinea pigs, fruit bats and primates, including us -- MAKES their own vitamin C in their organs, usually the liver…[kidney in a few species]


their amounts would seriously displease the drug-bought FDA.

Ever notice how resilient wild animals are, to be able to thrive in nature's normal daily survival difficulties?

If the genes in humans had been left like those in the goat -- an animal about human size 150lbs and with nutrient/metabolic systems like ours [demonstrated by the fact that human mother's milk is closest to goat's milk] -- then what did nature intend for our bodies to want of vitamin C?

***** 13,000mg per day on quiet days, *****  yes 13,000!

And as much as 130,000mg when threatened by injury or disease...

So why did humans evolve without that ability?

Because that production level of C requires constant eating [more than just what is needed for energy] in order to have the materials to produce their ascorbate that's needed for healthy thriving... hence humans had the ability to SURVIVE extreme FAMINES, likely part of their existences.

However, our amazing progress in tech has given us the ability to manufacture it, and inexpensively....

So logically we should be manufacturing and consuming the amount that would make us thrive, ditching the traitorous FDA's ordinary poor health that makes drug companies excessively profitable....

Profitable to the extent that they can walk away each time they are prosecuted for their crimes, with penalties in billions, as a mere cost of doing business.

Don't you agree that such manufacturing and consuming is logical?  

Because we've seen….. 

Even when proven to have knowingly harmed their patients... Pharma doesn't struggle..

Billions is a planned-for cost of doing corrupt profitable business..

So now maybe it won't be so unbelievable that nature-based high-dosing with vitamin C could

make things right naturally, and

take patients/addicts out from the clutches of their addiction, 

with minimal discomfort, 

in record time, 

with only beneficial side effects 

and pleasantly to boot... 

[huge doses, yes but dividing the large dose throughout the day, as would be done in our livers' workings if naturally done]...

and inexpensively compared to the drug company-based ‘addiction’ programs.....that require months of oversight... maybe years.

Picture this... as was done in one of the earliest pilot studies [Libby and Stone]... each addict was given a quart of milk each day 

in which MULTIPLE TABLESPOONS of SODIUM ASCORBATE [the salty version of ascorbic acid vitC] was mixed.. [as well as a simple one-a-day multivitammin at each meal]

The number of tablespoons of ascorbate was determined based on the severity of the addiction and type of drug…

Between 4 to 6 tablespoons was needed in most cases.  

By the end of day 1 they were coherently thinking, 

and by day 3, they were free enough of drug effects to begin reducing to 2 tablespoons per day as their long term maintenance dose..  about double the goat's quiet day production, basically because their body will be having to rebuild a lot of damage done by their drugs or alcohol in their days past... 

[Comparably using ascorbic acid in fruit juice in the same proportions has been done as well.]... no reason why not set up both quart jars in the fridge and drink as need desires.

[[J. Orthomolecular Psychiatry, vol 6, no 4, pg 300-308, 1977 documents the Libby&Stone reporting]]

In my opinion, the most stunningly hopeful observation in the Libby&Stone pilot study was that the recovering addicts actually LOST ANY CRAVING FOR DRUGS while on even merely their maintenance dosing !!!   One even tried to undo progress when encountering his former dealer, but became angry at the dealer because the product supplied had little effect , to the extent that he forcefully suggested that the dealer had cut the concentration.. lol...

Think about that, let that sink in…..immune from drugging..

Now for some of the confirming studies to prove it works as kindly as claimed while being ‘effective’, namely amazingly minimizing the terrifying WITHDRAWAL described above as ‘inhuman costs’.....

1--- the Evangelou et al study GOING HEAD-to-HEAD with CONVENTIONAL treatment... for HEROIN addiction.. to document the success levels in minimizing WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME effects of stopping drugs...

[[ Powerful drugs like opiates, heroin, and methamphetamine lead to some of the most severe examples of life-threatening drug withdrawal symptoms. Extreme delusion and hallucinations during the withdrawal may cause a person to hurt themselves or others.


Withdrawal symptoms  are usually worst during the first week after quitting, peaking during the first 3 days. From that point on, the intensity of symptoms usually drops over the first month. However, everyone is different, and some people have withdrawal symptoms for several months after quitting..

SO…. now the Evangelou results:........

[[Heroin Withdrawal Protocol Days 1-3]]


[[Heroin Withdrawal Protocol Days 4-6]]

Which produced stellar results right away...



Yes vitC defeated conventional treatment..better than 2-to-1.. which means that less than 10% of those patients on vitC had bad withdrawal symptoms -vs- over 58% on the conventional therapy having bad withdrawal symptoms..  

[90% being symptom light with C -vs- 42% being symptom light without C = 2-to-1, eh?]  

and that's the hardest period, Day2


the defeat margin widens TOTALLY to victory for vitC.. over time..

Note crucially that only some of the vitC patients were under in-house care through the withdrawal hazards, since those hazards were potentially severe in past standard of care withdrawal attempts, BUT some patients were simply back home operating on their own, yet the results were uniformly so desirable…

Huge implications for patients' independence as well as in cost of care and oversight and brick and mortar expense as well, for the standard conventional arrangement…

Whose benefit???


2---Libby and Stone --the earliest proof of efficacy -- will be linked at the bottom of this posting... a month long study with 30 addicts observed for 30days with 100% cures... and discovery that any incursion of their old habit produced no 'high' when their body was saturated with vitC at mere maintenance doses.

3---Freeman and Sanders -- in 1978 in SanFrancisco, also successful and demonstrated even what the opinion of the addicts being treated was because by the end of the study's 276 subjects, 30-40 at a time, the word was so favorable from former addicts that street addicts started coming voluntarily to see if they could be included.

4---Seattle's Keller-Phelps challenge:

Yes Keller-Phelps brought NIDA in for a thorough introduction to the success at her clinic

Yes, NIDA admitted the program was a stunning success, but stonewalled til challenged over the phone [with several eager witnesses in the Dean's Office], but declined to adopt the program because the success would make 80% of his staff useless and expendable.

So now you see what you would be up against...  Are you in?

There are so many others who would benefit if a breakthrough could be achieved in understanding the vitC biology that has been demonstrated and suppressed... like high-dosing for pregnancy for perfect outcomes, not 20% stillbirths and miscarriages [even frighteningly higher now after the vaccine RICO crimes] and for cancer patients with no pain and full quality of life for whatever time they have which remaining time further was five times longer than with conventional therapies in stage 4 cases.  

In my opinion, VitC should be a national security reserved material.. We could end the CCP and MexicanCartel's deadly fentanyl assault on Americans, a form of warfare... In fact, back in WW2, vitC ordered by a young American doctor in WW2 was likely the reason American troops so thoroughly beat Rommel in the desert.  

Are you in?   With drug addicts volunteering and pushers failing to sell, the crime rates would drop precipitously.  Don't you agree?  Fewer suicide and overdose victims too and strengthened first responders once they saw the results and tried maintenance doses appropriate for their own stressful workload.

Plus a huge reduction in Criminal Court caseload..  The Court problem now should be the question of just WHO IS REALLY TO BLAME FOR THE INDIVIDUAL WRONGDOING? 

It’s theoretically much easier to be more generous, more civil, more clearly thinking of consequences when one has the delightful feeling described in the test results as feeling vibrant wellness and wholesome appetite and sleeping well.

When some have simply been robbed of their wellbeing and strength of character by distant actors, some long ago, some definitely NOW, who do not stand trial as they should, along with their robbed victims…

Because the Evangelou results from the high, continuous dosing with C, at the 4week testing showed complete renewal of wellbeing and improvement in psychokinetic behavior.  Those government officials, and medical school research administrators should bear their share of every robbed person’s impaired psychological BEHAVIOR.  Don’t you agree?  So ….

Are you in?  

For the record I am not doing any of this vitC in sales or grants or whatever.  By profession I was a mathematical decision analyst consulting in property and casualty insurance as well as later in retail [Federated, now Macy]..  I surely would like to see vitC in its various forms produced in the USA, considering the world we live in AND the fact that 90% of its production is done in China... the rest by a Dutch company with facilities in Scotland.

Perhaps some of my elected officials will have expected my complaining letter and were swayed, in advance, by annoyance to turn away because they will have received earlier of my emails on various civic concerns, including the Covid disaster.  Total silence so far... but there's hope.. here


Most sincerely,

Dr MJ Raicchyk, PhD [UCin 1970]

Mathematical Decision Analyst, long retired

now in rural western Appalachian Ohio, USA

Research article:

for the Libby and Stone pilot study,  at theISOM

[International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine].



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