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Open Letter to the County Commissioners of Brown County

 Open Letter to BrownCountians: 

Safer, More Effective, Less Expensive, More Pleasant Drug-cessation Therapy

Because it EXISTS and is NEEDED here as well as all over the U.S. of A.

Recently I wrote this to our elected officials in Brown County

       because of the constant drug cases in the BC court news, 

      because of the extreme harm statistics in the news, 

     because of the demonstrable failure of the ''mental health'' and ''drug cessation programs'' 

    and their inhuman costs..

Presumably this subject fits all their stated election campaigns…yet they stonewall the SOLUTIONS that I claimed needed their attention…..

Very disappointing

because Brown County had bravely joined the class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of false hope that the company’s pain-relief drug was not going to be addictive, when company internal documents showed that they KNEW IN ADVANCE that it definitely was addictive…


What do we-the-people of this county sense is real and good? Doable, preferred, and a just solution to the tangles of mistakes and bad luck..

If you prefer a video of the research history, on those cure solutions, here it is..

If you thought that the forces that control news and commentary were successful in suppressing covid *early treatments* that showed beneficial prospects as well as suppressing conservative voices of the ‘deplorables’, then let me tell you that such unholy control is nothing compared to what they do to cures that are not profitable to those in charge.

What I am about to show you has been struggling to be adopted for decades, in spite of multiple studies proving my initial claims above of 

    incessant drug-tangled lives being revivable, 

   extreme harm avoided, 

   medical failures that merely enslave the caught victim to a different drug profitable to exactly the medical failure sources  

  and inhuman costs being easily escaped as well..

Do you, like many Americans, take nutrient supplements? Vitamin C specifically.

Most don't take more than 1,000mg/day thinking they are pushing the limits since the FDA's RDA is only 100mg, yes...  1/10th of what the public has been led to believe is aggressive and hence an unnecessary and pointless dose.

But FACT:  Nature designed the animal kingdom vastly differently than what the FDA plans for Americans, specifically FDA experts persist in calling the RDA the 

'ordinary' human need,

but in reality it's

'ordinary poor health' for humans..

You see, EVERY animal -- except guinea pigs, fruit bats and primates, including us -- MAKES their own vitamin C in their organs, usually the liver…[kidney in a few species]


their amounts would seriously displease the drug-bought FDA.

Ever notice how resilient wild animals are, to be able to thrive in nature's normal daily survival difficulties?

If the genes in humans had been left like those in the goat -- an animal about human size 150lbs and with nutrient/metabolic systems like ours [demonstrated by the fact that human mother's milk is closest to goat's milk] -- then what did nature intend for our bodies to want of vitamin C?

***** 13,000mg per day on quiet days, *****  yes 13,000!

And as much as 130,000mg when threatened by injury or disease...

So why did humans evolve without that ability?

Because that production level of C requires constant eating [more than just what is needed for energy] in order to have the materials to produce their ascorbate that's needed for healthy thriving... hence humans had the ability to SURVIVE extreme FAMINES, likely part of their existences.

However, our amazing progress in tech has given us the ability to manufacture it, and inexpensively....

So logically we should be manufacturing and consuming the amount that would make us thrive, ditching the traitorous FDA's ordinary poor health that makes drug companies excessively profitable....

Profitable to the extent that they can walk away each time they are prosecuted for their crimes, with penalties in billions, as a mere cost of doing business.

Don't you agree that such manufacturing and consuming is logical?  

Because we've seen….. 

Even when proven to have knowingly harmed their patients... Pharma doesn't struggle..

Billions is a planned-for cost of doing corrupt profitable business..

So now maybe it won't be so unbelievable that nature-based high-dosing with vitamin C could

make things right naturally, and

take patients/addicts out from the clutches of their addiction, 

with minimal discomfort, 

in record time, 

with only beneficial side effects 

and pleasantly to boot... 

[huge doses, yes but dividing the large dose throughout the day, as would be done in our livers' workings if naturally done]...

and inexpensively compared to the drug company-based ‘addiction’ programs.....that require months of oversight... maybe years.

Picture this... as was done in one of the earliest pilot studies [Libby and Stone]... each addict was given a quart of milk each day 

in which MULTIPLE TABLESPOONS of SODIUM ASCORBATE [the salty version of ascorbic acid vitC] was mixed.. [as well as a simple one-a-day multivitammin at each meal]

The number of tablespoons of ascorbate was determined based on the severity of the addiction and type of drug…

Between 4 to 6 tablespoons was needed in most cases.  

By the end of day 1 they were coherently thinking, 

and by day 3, they were free enough of drug effects to begin reducing to 2 tablespoons per day as their long term maintenance dose..  about double the goat's quiet day production, basically because their body will be having to rebuild a lot of damage done by their drugs or alcohol in their days past... 

[Comparably using ascorbic acid in fruit juice in the same proportions has been done as well.]... no reason why not set up both quart jars in the fridge and drink as need desires.

[[J. Orthomolecular Psychiatry, vol 6, no 4, pg 300-308, 1977 documents the Libby&Stone reporting]]

In my opinion, the most stunningly hopeful observation in the Libby&Stone pilot study was that the recovering addicts actually LOST ANY CRAVING FOR DRUGS while on even merely their maintenance dosing !!!   One even tried to undo progress when encountering his former dealer, but became angry at the dealer because the product supplied had little effect , to the extent that he forcefully suggested that the dealer had cut the concentration.. lol...

Think about that, let that sink in…..immune from drugging..

Now for some of the confirming studies to prove it works as kindly as claimed while being ‘effective’, namely amazingly minimizing the terrifying WITHDRAWAL described above as ‘inhuman costs’.....

1--- the Evangelou et al study GOING HEAD-to-HEAD with CONVENTIONAL treatment... for HEROIN addiction.. to document the success levels in minimizing WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME effects of stopping drugs...

[[ Powerful drugs like opiates, heroin, and methamphetamine lead to some of the most severe examples of life-threatening drug withdrawal symptoms. Extreme delusion and hallucinations during the withdrawal may cause a person to hurt themselves or others.


Withdrawal symptoms  are usually worst during the first week after quitting, peaking during the first 3 days. From that point on, the intensity of symptoms usually drops over the first month. However, everyone is different, and some people have withdrawal symptoms for several months after quitting..

SO…. now the Evangelou results:........

[[Heroin Withdrawal Protocol Days 1-3]]


[[Heroin Withdrawal Protocol Days 4-6]]

Which produced stellar results right away...



Yes vitC defeated conventional treatment..better than 2-to-1.. which means that less than 10% of those patients on vitC had bad withdrawal symptoms -vs- over 58% on the conventional therapy having bad withdrawal symptoms..  

[90% being symptom light with C -vs- 42% being symptom light without C = 2-to-1, eh?]  

and that's the hardest period, Day2


the defeat margin widens TOTALLY to victory for vitC.. over time..

Note crucially that only some of the vitC patients were under in-house care through the withdrawal hazards, since those hazards were potentially severe in past standard of care withdrawal attempts, BUT some patients were simply back home operating on their own, yet the results were uniformly so desirable…

Huge implications for patients' independence as well as in cost of care and oversight and brick and mortar expense as well, for the standard conventional arrangement…

Whose benefit???


2---Libby and Stone --the earliest proof of efficacy -- will be linked at the bottom of this posting... a month long study with 30 addicts observed for 30days with 100% cures... and discovery that any incursion of their old habit produced no 'high' when their body was saturated with vitC at mere maintenance doses.

3---Freeman and Sanders -- in 1978 in SanFrancisco, also successful and demonstrated even what the opinion of the addicts being treated was because by the end of the study's 276 subjects, 30-40 at a time, the word was so favorable from former addicts that street addicts started coming voluntarily to see if they could be included.

4---Seattle's Keller-Phelps challenge:

Yes Keller-Phelps brought NIDA in for a thorough introduction to the success at her clinic

Yes, NIDA admitted the program was a stunning success, but stonewalled til challenged over the phone [with several eager witnesses in the Dean's Office], but declined to adopt the program because the success would make 80% of his staff useless and expendable.

So now you see what you would be up against...  Are you in?

There are so many others who would benefit if a breakthrough could be achieved in understanding the vitC biology that has been demonstrated and suppressed... like high-dosing for pregnancy for perfect outcomes, not 20% stillbirths and miscarriages [even frighteningly higher now after the vaccine RICO crimes] and for cancer patients with no pain and full quality of life for whatever time they have which remaining time further was five times longer than with conventional therapies in stage 4 cases.  

In my opinion, VitC should be a national security reserved material.. We could end the CCP and MexicanCartel's deadly fentanyl assault on Americans, a form of warfare... In fact, back in WW2, vitC ordered by a young American doctor in WW2 was likely the reason American troops so thoroughly beat Rommel in the desert.  

Are you in?   With drug addicts volunteering and pushers failing to sell, the crime rates would drop precipitously.  Don't you agree?  Fewer suicide and overdose victims too and strengthened first responders once they saw the results and tried maintenance doses appropriate for their own stressful workload.

Plus a huge reduction in Criminal Court caseload..  The Court problem now should be the question of just WHO IS REALLY TO BLAME FOR THE INDIVIDUAL WRONGDOING? 

It’s theoretically much easier to be more generous, more civil, more clearly thinking of consequences when one has the delightful feeling described in the test results as feeling vibrant wellness and wholesome appetite and sleeping well.

When some have simply been robbed of their wellbeing and strength of character by distant actors, some long ago, some definitely NOW, who do not stand trial as they should, along with their robbed victims…

Because the Evangelou results from the high, continuous dosing with C, at the 4week testing showed complete renewal of wellbeing and improvement in psychokinetic behavior.  Those government officials, and medical school research administrators should bear their share of every robbed person’s impaired psychological BEHAVIOR.  Don’t you agree?  So ….

Are you in?  

For the record I am not doing any of this vitC in sales or grants or whatever.  By profession I was a mathematical decision analyst consulting in property and casualty insurance as well as later in retail [Federated, now Macy]..  I surely would like to see vitC in its various forms produced in the USA, considering the world we live in AND the fact that 90% of its production is done in China... the rest by a Dutch company with facilities in Scotland.

Perhaps some of my elected officials will have expected my complaining letter and were swayed, in advance, by annoyance to turn away because they will have received earlier of my emails on various civic concerns, including the Covid disaster.  Total silence so far... but there's hope.. here


Most sincerely,

Dr MJ Raicchyk, PhD [UCin 1970]

Mathematical Decision Analyst, long retired

now in rural western Appalachian Ohio, USA

Research article:

for the Libby and Stone pilot study,  at theISOM

[International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine].



Friday, July 9, 2021

Justice Lost -- Montgomery County Medical Examiner's SHAME

To Kent Harshbarger,
Montgomery County Medical Examiner:

        If there are any decent bones in your body left....... RECANT............

        Goldson was
        "found HANGING"

        as the

        ... ONLY **SUSPECTS** WORDS

        Evidence says NEVER HUNG


        So Coroner Harshbarger,

        "PROTECTOR OF THE DECEASED" as coroner's are under oath to do...
        Where is your loyalty? To the Deceased?


        ...lest you think you can escape the reality of the evil YOU ARE AN ACCOMPLICE TO


        Of course, the version taught only cinches the shackles on the ankles to the cuffs on the suspect's wrists, behind their back... and it is to be done IN A MATTER OF SECONDS IN CASES WHERE THE SUSPECT IS RESISTING ARREST AND WOULD POSSIBLY KICK THE CRUISER'S WINDOWS OUT, if not restrained completely.

        WELL, for the record.. GOLDSON WAS ALREADY IN SHACKLES AND CUFFS, and clearly was NOT RESISTING at any point in the video of their dragging him out of the cruiser, with intent to have him fall face down on the concrete floor, nor in the scenes of yanking him through doorways to reach the cell.

        FURTHER, in the TESTIMONY OF BOTH THUGS [Schadle and Dunning], they threw him DOWN ON THE FLOOR OF THE CELL, immediately on crossing the threshhold, and even admitted that they threatened him if he tried to get up.... IN THEIR TESTIMONY TO BCI...

        SO AT TIME ZERO on the video clock, GOLDSON IS DOWN ON THE FLOOR, CUFFED [multiple sets] and SHACKLED and NOT RESISTING..

        VISUALIZE IT YOURSELF... 15 seconds MAX to take that STANDARD HOBBLE STRAP AND RUN IT AROUND THE SHACKLES, UP TO THE THROAT AND BACK TO THE SHACKLES.. of a victim, passively, thrown to the floor, with cuffs behind his back and shackled....

        ...count... while you visualize... 15 seconds
        is more than adequate for a recruit who has practiced hogtying.

        And yes, in police training, the recruits are told that it is HIDEOUSLY WRONG to use the throat, and not the wrist/cuffs, but ORDERS AND RULES MEAN VERY LITTLE TO THUGS WHO ARE ANGRY..


        Add a few more seconds to tighten, take at least one set of cuffs off and pick up Goldson's shoes and blanket and the belt... and walk back out...
        EASILY FITTING INTO THE **96 SECONDS** [80seconds more than the 15 max] THEY HAD TO ACCOMPLISH

        Feeling so smug that HE WOULD KILL HIMSELF, so they could DELUDE THEIR OVERSEERS WITH *STATEMENTS* ABOUT GOLDSON KILLING HIMSELF, the thugs emerge from the cell with the shoes, the blanket, the belt and a set of cuffs --- NO SIGN OF THE EVEN MORE GANGLY AND CLANKY SHACKLES IN ANY OF THEIR HANDS...


        Should you attempt to cling to the DECOY SHEET as your feeble evidence...

        The one they used to fool YOU into swallowing their lie that they SAY THEY FOUND HIM ^^HANGING**,... even tho the sheet showed no PHYSICAL SIGNS OF HAVING BEEN EVER **STRESSED** BY SUCH A FORCEFULLY HANGING WEIGHT.. Well let's look at the PHYSICS OF HOW THEY FAKED THE SHEET DECOY.

        The thugs had a full
        CINCH ONE HALF [nice neat and bunchy] AROUND GOLDSON'S THROAT [after removing the murder strap],


        The sheet was a decoy to fool the naive and the stupid..

        The gates of Hell are waiting for the ACCOMPLICES.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Brown County Gusweiler's DeathSquad Coverup Hits the Fan in Federal Court Wrongful Death Case

Anyone that was around Brown County in 2013-15 will remember all the days when they couldn't open the local newspapers without seeing mention about the 'Death in Brown County's Jail' or Zachary Goldson.

The jail and the Coroner had differing opinions over whether the death was a suicide or a homicide. The Coroner stood alone.

Brown County courts denied the then Coroner Judith Varnau a chance to hold *another* inquest over the death, despite there NOT having been a 1st inquest into the matter. Which also kept Zachary's mother from getting any closure over the properly coroner-declared homicide.

Media coverage has died down over the years and it would be easy to think that everything's blown over...except there's a Wrongful Death Case IN FEDERAL COURT (not Gusweilers' court) against the accused deputies still ongoing as filed by Zachary's momma (Christy Dennis) and family -- technically by the administrator for Zachary's estate Ashley Bard.

The latest round of court documents caught our interest. The Defendants' (the DeathSquad) Lawyers have filed for summary judgment, stating all the evidence against their clients was mere 'opinion.'

How about we take a look at what could be some very damning 'opinions'?

1st: There are 'opinions' of other law enforcement individuals, including Hamersville's own Police Chief, that the mark around Zachary Goldson's neck looked more like it came from 'a dog leash' and another law enforcement member suggested a similar but more relevant possibility would be a hobble strap -- USED AS A COLLAR, not its intended use. A hobble is a strap used by police for additional restraint of legs when transported in cruisers, so that the leash end can anchor and prevent the shackled legs of the apprehendee from kicking out the vehicle's windows. Use as a 'collar' is forbidden.
FURTHERMORE it was other law officer's opinions that A bunched-up sheet wouldn't make as smooth edged, narrow, even-width mark as was present on Mr. Goldson's throat. And that mark wasn't there when they roughly dragged Mr Goldson through the entry room on the surveillance video, so where did it come from?

2nd: The sheriff's chief deputy removed (for 'upgrading') the sprinkler head that they claimed Mr. Goldson hung himself from before the investigation of said sprinkler could be conducted for any court cases that could follow. As such any re-creation of events done in that cell would be problematic. (A felony of evidence destruction) However, a Mr Scott G Roder and his staff (who do forensic scene reconstruction for a living) made a re-creation of Cell 15 that Mr. Goldson supposedly hung himself in. And as part of the court-case discovery process they produced calculations and video evidence of their attempts to reach across the open space to the sprinkler and tie the required knots while standing on the rim of the cell's sink and leaning at that difficult angle, without using one hand on the ceiling to counter the leaning-angle since both hands were needed to work on prying and tying. Not possible. All confirmed by the sprinkler system providers as well who insisted that, additionally a tool of some kind would be needed, while wrestling with the sheet, to pry the escutcheon of the sprinkler away from the ceiling where the installers tighten them securely for their profession's safety reasons.

3rd: Now this gets really damning of the deputies' honesty. The currently existing copy of the security hall video (which was unprofessionally at best in the extended custody of the suspected deputies) does, at least, have the scene of the deputies entering and exiting the cell after they supposedly took the cuffs and shackles off of Mr Goldson and left him in the cell. Close examination of the scenes shows that there is a severe discrepancy in their testimony as there were no shackles and only two of the sets of cuffs and a transport belt they had used on him in anyone's hands, pockets, belts etc when they came out.

What were the cuffs and shackles still doing while no one was watching the alleged attempt to climb (barefoot since they did take his shoes out of the cell) and wrestle with sheets and sprinkler heads????

And furthermore there was testimony from a reception phone area deputy that said the murder suspects had to retrieve 'the cuffs' per her information from the phone message among the deputies after they'd split up to regular duties before 'discovering' the poor victim.

The hall video even shows them stare more downward than upward when supposedly looking at the victim in the claimed 'hanging-discovery' scene. Totally at odds with the depositions the death-squad gave to the BCI interrogators in charge of the initial investigation. How is this a matter of 'opinion'?

4th: But this is the bit of evidence we find most interesting...and would want to know how it could possibly be an 'opinion'? Long before all this drama started, as a kid, Zachary was in an incident that electrocuted the middle finger of his left hand, leaving parts of the hand including the finger weaker and difficult to handle. Anyone that looks at Mr. Goldson's fingerprints on file can see the weakness in the middle finger. And there they are,

Now let's think about tying the knots required for Mr. Goldson to hang himself. If you tried doing it one-handed how far would you get, how long would it take and how much help would a damaged left hand help in the matter. Especially if you factor in all the other events that'd taken place beforehand and would need to take place for him to reach the sprinkler head to tie the sheet around it. Doubly especially when there was even that testimony from the sprinkler's installer that all such heads are directly flush against the ceiling, making there not be enough room for a thick, bunched up sheet to be squeezed in-between without a lot of manual work for prying and tool use.

This leaves evidence and 'opinions' sounding quite damning despite this all being 'just' a Wrongful Death case, coming ingeniously to likely 'homicide' conclusions
      even after the state appointed (DeWine’s) 'special prosecutor' Daniel ‘Woody’ Breyer manipulated a sweeping show til the grand jury unlawfully decided it was 'suicide', not just that the suspects were not indictable,
      worse, after the county's own judge Gusweiler is still prohibiting, under threat of contempt of court, the then coroner Dr. Judith Varnau from continuing her investigating according to her sworn statutory duty,
      even after coming on top of the Death squad's own lawsuit demanding the Coroner's lawful work was violating their civil rights (a case still pending in FEDERAL COURT also, if any of these Federal Law Enforcers are allowed to notice this wrongful death data, rotfl at what's about to hit the fan). CAUGHT! AT LAST.
ROTFL, as Gusweiler is hopefully limited in his threats of contempt of court jailtime against the former Coroner on top of his already imposed $7grand for working at her private files.

Surely this is the reason that the Common Law Coroners were designated to protect the rights of the deceased, and Brown County used to have such a Coroner. Now the County is back to having a coroner per ohio law that only comes to death scenes when invited. Too bad.... But at least we can hope for the arrival of the US Marshal, making the swat team visits to the courthouse, the Sheriff's Deputies offices and wherever else the Death Squad and collaborators are now.... ttyl

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gusweiler Reads Neither the Law Nor the Filings -- Here's the Proof

Is there no end to this tragic-comedy?

Just this month, the infamous Judge Gusweiler -- accused rightfully of adjudicating under some influence -- just proved my point.

Look at these 'Rulings':

1-- CIRCULAR REASONING -- Eagle had filed a motion to dismiss this case for a dozen unopposable reasons, from the assorted list of invalid claims in the DeathSquad lawyers bases. Including that they had already filed a case on the same issues in federal court and this current case was pitting one court against the other court since courts could differ in their orders. ROTFL as we picture the DUEL OF THE GAVELS... the DeathSquad lawyers live in the land of the grossly absurd.

But never fear the DeathSquad's Judge (Gusweiler of course is in their pocket as is clear already, see earlier posts) is on guard, ready with more strawmen and invalid fact-finding about 'second inquests' when the first was not completed.....

Obviously they have no confidence in any hold on the Federal Court Judge Barrett since that whole filing at Federal Court was just to smear the Coroner as her evidence was about to be presented to the local GrandJury looking at whether there was sufficient evidence to INDICT THE DEATHSQUAD, nothing more will be needed from that court of Southern Ohio....


Well just look at this 'ruling'

When you look at his referenced April 14th "Decision and Entry", and look to see what is the grand justification for this current argument (since the earlier one is all that is asserted), you find NADA.... LITERALLY IN THAT APRIL 14TH WORK, GUSWEILER AGAIN STATES A NAKED CONCLUSION, NOT A SHRED OF DECENT HINT OF THOUGHT ON AN ARGUMENT...

To be precise, all Gusweiler said on April 14th was
    "The Court finds that there is great likelihood that Plaintiffs will prevail in their Declaratory Judgment Action in these cases"

That's it, that's all, no fact-finding to identify the needed single issue of law under dispute and that the rest of the facts are 'relatively undisputed' by the world of logical arguing...

That's what is needed to 'succeed' in a Declaratory Judgment... without that, the case GOES TO BENCH TRIAL --with Jury in Federal Court, or whereever the 'cases' are that Gusweiler is inadvertently referencing among the battle of the gavels stirred up as mudslinging frivolity.....

And then Gusweiler HAS THE NERVE TO STATE THAT HE'S GOING TO **INCORPORATE THOSE FINDINGS** IN THIS CURRENT RULING...... boldly implying that there was anything existing in the April document that could be incorporated anywhere... except his prejudice... oh my.. Yup, now I see it, it's on the head of that pin prick at the end of the paragraph.... OY!!!! {/end of sarcasm attack}

Do you see that anywhere to be 'found' and 'incorporated'??? FAKERY

How can anybody stand such fraud on the court? Have these judges, like Gusweiler, recognized the possibility that no one in the law profession ever really does examine how far wrong a case could go and so it's safe to pad any situation with such fraud and expect to walk freely and even get re-elected??

The circular reasoning in this circle of zero dimension is so obviously a display of HOW A CRIMINAL IN BLACK ROBES CAN CAUSE THEIR PREJUDICE TO BECOME REALITY IN ORDER TO JUSTIFY THEIR CRIME -- STRAIGHT REPETITION OF FALSEHOODS IN ORDER TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC OF THAT FAKERY AS BEING REAL... straight from books on propaganda tactics... repetition becomes weight of a public's ill-formed opinion

Shall we let the public drink the koolaid? No we don't adore the 'public mind' but it's untolerable to think they are not suspicious yet.....

So maybe the next ruling will make them stronger...

2--GUSWEILER NEITHER READS THE LAW BOOKS NOR EVEN THE FILINGS -- and that's the most generous assessment possible to make of what he did in the ruling on the Motion to protect the Coroner's files from unauthorized access.....

You'll recall the hearing-ambush and the video evidence that the Death-Squad's lawyer stole from the Coroner's private files using the location that he tormented the weak Rob Junk to expose... yeah that Rob Junk who was supposed to be one of the Coroner's own lawyers. Granted he was a 'volunteer' to relieve the BC Prosecutor of her OBLIGATION to serve the County's officeholders so she enlisted Junk to do her chores and he obliged with the knowledge that the Coroner's own family lawyer (Eagle) was already doing all the litigating and needed no other fingers in the stew.....

After the turmoil --of the sudden appearance of one of the Coroner's WORK DATA FILES from her PRIVATE SPACE in the Coroner's ONLINE CLOUD STORAGE-- got thoroughly in an uproar as being THEFT OF OFFICIAL WORK FILES BY THE DEATH-SQUAD'S LAWYER, that thief revealed that he'd gotten the address of the file from Junk, which fact he had concealed for the ambush til after he'd smeared the Coroner with false claims that she was violating the court order to cease CONVENING AN INQUEST...

All of these facts on events were FULLY ADMITTED IN THE DEATHSQUAD'S LAWYERS' AFFIDAVIT.... YES A REAL, UNDER OATH AFFIDAVIT FROM ONE OF THE OPPONENTS' **LAWYERS** ...... as well as fully delineated in the opponents' FILING... and hence appeared TWICE among the "INTERESTING ARGUMENTS PROPOUNDED" AS GUSWEILER CALLS IT in his ruling..... lol.....

Yet after boldly claiming that he'd enjoyed those "interesting arguments" being propounded, Gusweiler comes right out and says what is TOTALLY INCOMPATIBLE WITH ANY IDEA THAT HE HAD READ ANY OF THE FILINGS,,,

See for yourself, Gusweiler unbelievably says that the fact that the files had been stolen was a matter to be resolved BETWEEN THE DEFENDANT AND HER I.T. PROVIDER .. ROTFL...

The esteemed Court has been again defiled...... BY GUSWEILER... ON **MULTIPLE LEVELS**...

He not only ignorantly OR ARTFULLY (your guesstimate) expects the public record to accept that lawyers stealing files from an opponent is OK UNDER THE LAW, or he is attempting to pretend he has EXCUSABLY MADE A MISJUDGMENT DUE TO MISUNDERSTANDING THE COMPLICATED ONLINE ARCHITECTURE WHEN THE FACTS OF THE THEFT WERE IN THE FILINGS TWICE IN FULL DETAIL..... take your pick, artful or incompetence or inexcusable failure to read the filings on which he is purportedly making rulings....

Gusweiler agrees that the files were STOLEN... the DeathSquads' lawyer had the files that were supposedly unavailable to the public.... he literally says that..... WHERE IS GUSWEILER'S LAW TRAINING, WHERE IS HIS UNDERSTANDING OF UNHOLY VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS CONSECRATED IN THE RULE OF LAW IN THE U.S.A. IN OUR CONSTITUTION AS PRIVACY RIGHTS.....

One of the bloodhounds proposes this analogy for WHAT A JUDGE IN AN AMERICAN COURT OF LAW WOULD BE OBLIGATED TO EMPLOY:

    Suppose the Coroner had her work-vehicle parked on her driveway BEHIND SOME BUSHES, NOT EVEN TAKING IT OUT ON THE ROAD, but 'someone' snitched on the vehicle's owner by simply relaying the idea that the Coroner's unpaid assistant was working on the engine with obvious intent to have a drivable vehicle.... and the person the snitch told was a law-trained member of the community who decidedly wanted to stop work on that vehicle.

    Next suppose that the Court had said that the Coroner could not drive the work-vehicle around and do her obligated chores (as Gusweiler has done)....

    Furthermore that snitch said that the coroner's assistant kept the key under the doormat... all those pieces of information are then in the hands of a law-trained member of the community...


    why of course, any 1st year law student would tell you that the LAW-TRAINED opponent would go to law enforcement officers AND LAW ENFORCEMENT WOULD GET A ***WARRANT*** FROM A **COURT** TO SEARCH AND SEIZE THAT WORK-VEHICLE FROM ITS PARKED LOCATION ON PRIVATE PROPERTY USING THE KEY.... Agreed?





    Arrest Gusweiler. Arrest Phillips. Call the SHERIFF'S MEN ...... rotflmhoas


Gusweiler shows no recognition of having meant any part of his Oath of Office, nor his law license requirements. Throw the bloke in the river and see if he can swim any better than he can adjudicate... oh my, shades of domestic terrorism? Shades of Kaczynski? Shades of the Unabomber? Call the Sheriff's men.. rotfl

So what's your conclusion? Inexcusable laziness at logic and reading? Ignorance of the Rule of Law and it's constitutional requirements? OR ARTFUL CRIME IN ACTION TO DEPRIVE US OF JUSTICE?

I think the evidence is accumulating that favors the artful crime explanation, though clearly having an inexcusable prejudice while pretending to adjudicate instead of recusing himself would also lead to stonewalling the reading required with the judge-benefit of less work needed, allowing more focus on the art of cheating... But that says that Gusweiler is totally cynically engaging in fraud in judge's robes with likely full knowledge that he's IMMUNE from CONSEQUENCES set in place by his fellow LAWYERS IN THE LEGISLATURE with the excuse that holy justice required that judges not fear consequences...... rotfcas.....

To confirm this cynical criminal attitude, we'd add that Gusweiler displays total ignorance of logic OR TOTAL TYRANNICAL POMPOSITY in his peak fit of invalid demands when he imposed the 'injunction' forbidding the Coroner to DO ANYTHING WITH THE GOLDSON CASE

Gusweiler puffed himself up into a real fever pitch with his gavel waving in the air, threatening he would send the Sheriff's men to make his demanding threats have force...
    "The Court does want to make its Order abundantly clear at this time. There is one action and one action only that" the lowly ORC-creature female Judith Varnau "may take with respect to the death of Zachary Goldson. " She may grovel and beg and "petition" me the mighty "Brown County Court of Common Pleas to change the cause of death... to something other than'" her annoying medical opinion that it was "homicide by strangulation".

Don't you agree he was having a good ol fantasy... BECAUSE THAT ISN'T WHAT THE LAW REALLY SAYS.... NOR WHAT CASE LAW SAYS EVEN CLEARER..... Judge for yourself, here's the text from a recent case in the 8th District Ohio Appeal Court...

So did Gusweiler *just* stupidly misread the statute OR is the total picture of his bombastic delivery give away that Gusweiler was thwarted in his power grabbing attempt to control what the Coroner was allowed to do... so frustrated that he puffed himself up and twisted the statutes to bamboozle the ignorant Brown County NEWSPAPER EDITORS into mouthing his threats as if it was HOLY LAW..?

Which you will see is EXACTLY WHAT STUPIDLY MONEY-GROVELING WAYNE GATES DID,,, TWICE ON THIS POMPOUS THREAT ALONE.... Gates needs those Sheriff Sale advertisement pages to fund his multi section weekend paper, to the demise of the not-sufficiently equally groveling News Democrat who used to have the advertising revenues to afford multisection weekend publications back when the ND was carrying the Sheriff's ads........

How can they stand it?

How can Brown Countians stand it?

Wouldn't it be grand if Brown County could find a judge like the one in this news story from Truth in Media
    A transcript of the March 2014 hearing quoted the judge as saying in the courtroom following the revelation (video evidence), "All four officers lied on the stand today. ... All their testimony was a lie. So there's strong evidence it was a conspiracy to lie in this case, for everyone to come up with the same lie. ...Many, many, many, many times they all lied."
So now all four are charged with Felony Perjury.... WOW, don't we faint from wanting such justice here...



Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quality of Brown County Adjudication -- NADA, all AUI -- the infamous Adjudicating Under the Influence



AND Boss-Shadle is Exposed By Gusweiler's Strawman -- and Sheriff Wenninger crawls in shame of association


First let's recap where we stand as of the moment, having analysed Judge Gusweiler's recent 'Decision' on the issues of
    1) replacing the 'restraining order' on the Coroner's investigation plans with an INJUNCTION for which he pretended to have the requisite 4 necessary points when he barely had 1 (maybe 2 if you gave him credit for circular reasoning in CAUSING the needed precondition with the imposed injunction)

    2) quashing all the coroner's already issued Subpoenas

    3) extending the Contempt of Court THREAT against the coroner if she even breaths anything with Goldson's name on it.
.... along with a strong response by Zachary's Momma (releasing everything she could get from the Coroner's files in her role as next-of-kin, several bombshells)

-- as well as a second bombshell by Eagle (the coroner's lawyer) with his knockout 'Supplemental Authority' filing ('reminding' Gusweiler of the Curtis murder trial in which Gusweiler's attitude. as well as the Appeal Court's, contradicted his attitude here)...

We have now been waiting for the dust to settle on that Richard Curtis Murder Case 'reminder'... expecting the opposition's writhing and imagining how Gusweiler would slither out (with or without their help)... meanwhile analysing the Coroner's email history (that Zach's Momma had gotten) of the SO and BCI STONEWALLING instead of law-obligated co-operation with the Coroner's investigation. Seeing clearly that Gusweiler had failed to enforce the Coroner's subpoena to the SO (care of Chief Deputy Boss Shadle withholding subpoenaed evidence) for the hallway video cam evidence, aided by (feigned or real) incompetence on the face of Shadle's Babe Prosecutor Little (delaying by saying she couldn't do the subpoenas until she found someone in another county who knew how, wow.... til the Coroner wrote the subpoenas herself).

Those were the April 9th's posting and the 3rd of May's posting....

So yeah, now for the examining... we have two big new bombshells.

... his request just arrived at the Clerk's office at the end of last week, straight from Marion Ohio's Correctional Facility. Yes, the Curtis-Murder-Trial Curtis....that Curtis...

How did he find out and better yet, it would seem that he might have plans to conjure a Supreme Court filing to test what the Group of Seven would think of Gusweiler's change of attitude on Coroner's investigating cases after the Death Certificate is done, and maybe whether Coroner's are mere artifacts of statute like Gusweiler now wants to smear the Coroner with.

Do you suppose Gusweiler wants the Group of Seven raising eyebrows over his slithering? lol. Slither Gusweiler slither...

TWO -- Gusweiler did deny that the Curtis decision has any bearing on this Varnau case.. is there a bombshell coming? or is this just 'entertainment'? We shall see... Any bets -- like we did last time --on Gusweiler acknowledging Eagle's massive point in the Curtis case law...

Well,,, 'in for a penny, in for a pound' was our bet that Gusweiler would reject the evidence in the Curtis Case Law that he (Gusweiler) had no exciting ideas in that Curtis case that would have reflected sane thinking about this Varnau case.... did we 'win', rotfl... let's see....

Yup we 'won'... very loosely speaking, Agreed?

But obviously WE HAVE OUR CONSIDERED OPINION of the Curtis dynamics that Gusweiler's 'adjudicating under the influence' was supposed to hide, AS PART OF OUR SLEUTHING'S COMPLICATED FIGURING. so let's get started confirming that Gusweiler's idea-wrestling opponent that he 'beat' to arrive at his conclusion is definitely a strawman argument

    Look at the Strawman he chose to use as his own victim. Strawman arguing is his hiding place for his treachery. Strawman arguing is done by those who cannot defeat the REAL ARGUMENT BY HIS OPPONENT. So the cowardly arguer pretends that his opponent said *something* weaker than his opponent really did... That *something* is a Strawman, no muscle, just bunches of stuffing inside his apparent clothing... Whereupon the coward proceeds to beat the stuffing out of the Strawman and shout that he won the argument....

Recognize the cowardly Gusweiler yet.....?!?.. the basic shape seems a match so we'll look closer

Gusweiler had to work a bit to find a weaker candidate for 'opponent' that he could 'associate' with Eagle's case-law... and believe it or not, as we saw, Gusweiler claimed that Eagle was referring to the former Coroner changing the Cause of Death from Undeterminable to Homicide, as the parallel that Eagle had raised,,,

There were two Death Certificate changes in the Curtis Case --
    -- the first one showing that the former coroner had totally failed to properly deal with the evidence AT THE SCENE, since the weapon, aka THE GUN, was never found (leaving the cause of death clearly not suicide, only homicide) disgracing the 'undeterminable' entry by that coroner on the original death certificate for cause of death. Other things may have been undetermined but the idea that some housekeeper misplaced such in cleaning is strictly in the movies of the absurd.

    -- the second one showing that some serious effort at investigating... narrowing the time of death from "morning" (OR "late morning to early afternoon" per the presumptuous lunatic doing Montgomery's autopsy report with no on-site data) down to a much earlier more specific '2AM-8AM'... what a knockout improvement, involving some physical evaluations of rates of biological deterioration of the body as examined in the autopsy,,

Obviously the anti-Varnau charges of *excessive investigating* (not negligence ever) DO NOT PARALLEL the first, only the second. But Gusweiler claims he 'sees' the first as the parallel AND THEN SAYS IT's NOT A RELEVANT, what a KOpunch in the stuffing.... if you submitted that gag as a script for a movie scene. the producers would show you the door..... yet we're supposed to nod and smilingly say the Judge is not a crook, be sure vote for him, groan.... this is step one of the 'test' for AUI.... THE STUFFING IS CONFIRMABLE..

So let's look at the second death-certificate-change and evaluate its relevance. In the interests of Justice figuring. To be technically accurate we shall eliminate the opinion that there was no decent better opponent -idea to be struggled with,,,, agreed, we should be careful and precise? No rash accusations of strawman-phonied adjudication

Why would Gusweiler choose to 'see' the first change of the death certificate, when instead the comparable Curtis-history to A CONVICTION-NAILING WHO-DUN-IT DETERMINATION was this Coroner Varnau finding that the ligature was *not* the sheet but instead it was the hobble strap-like ligature that the thugs used to lynch the kid. She nailed the weapon's character.

In contrast, the 'Undeterminable' was an obvious error, not a revelation, ROTFL. Varnau's revelation of 'homicide' was her ORIGINAL cause of death, determined within a month AND BASED ON SOLID AUTOPSY ANALYSIS OF SKIN IMPRESSIONS, not the former coroner's embarrassing discovery that he'd not ever looked at the evidence data... the LEO data where the weapon was nowhere to be seen when the first responder plainly made his report to summon a coroner... what a bag of stuffing game... Gusweiler was desperate to favor his fraud that he would be able to beat SOMETHING so he could CLAIM HE WON against Eagle's Supplemental Authority......

But was it the coroner's handiwork or the law enforcers? I have a theory....

1-- MY HYPOTHESIS.. says Gusweiler's vision is unlikely in the extreme

What could have caused a former coroner to make that second change -- in Time of Death... ?
    How about the former Coroner's recognition that the first responder reporting (as we see in the Appeal Court's account of the evidence) that the victim's bedroom a/c had been set so cold as to make the room where the victim was found incredibly cold... as cold as a morgue, would reliably have triggered a Coroner's idea that an earlier time of death would be justified with some refiguring...
But why would such a recognition have ever come to be? When it hadn't inspired *anyone* before....
    Random searching the files for something to work on? Not likely... {sarcasm alert} Wouldn't that be just fine and dandy for a Coroner looking over Law Enforcement files and reports, that he never bothered with before, especially if the reason that he was looking was because the Coroner had no blessed reason to look before since nobody else had any reason to look before. {/end sarcasm} No way...

    Prodding by someone with a motive... Such as MAYBE the new Prosecutor (Shadle's Babe) was ridiculously looking for a victim (in the run-up to the elections of 2008) to pay for her election and the family of the Curtis woman had made a nice 'appeal' to the wanna-be candidate who then got the idea that there might be something doable if she prodded anybody for new ideas on the Curtis case.. Don't you agree that looks like it..?? Timing-wise, motive-wise...

    So under those circumstances, patiently why wouldn't the Coroner dig back into that file for the family's kin to see whether he could find something as vitally missed as he had needed to correct in his first error correction -- as a favor to the prosecutor of his choice....

Still think Gusweiler has any right to consider a Coroner as unable to bring about a murder charge? CLEARLY THE PREVIOUS CORONER DID THE DEED when he CHANGED THE TIME OF DEATH....

Like the continued sleuthing we need now.....!


Clearly even Gusweiler's favored Sheriff's Lawyers agree with us that Gusweiler's Strawman was NOT Eagle's powerful comparison point.. Look at this page from the Sheriff's lawyer's arguing......

Clearly neither did the Appeal Court consider Gusweiler's fantasy strawman as credible in the Curtis case..... They listed the Time of Death as the crucial factor in the sufficiency of the conviction, nailing the issue of 'opportunity' in the usual triad of 'motive. means and opportunity,'

There ought be a law against Judge's making the Rule of Law look stupid. Some people have called that sort of offense FRAUD ON THE COURT...
    What is "fraud on the court"?

    Here is the conventional definition -- courtesy of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals -- usually quoted:

      "Fraud upon the court" embraces that species of fraud which does, or attempts to, defile the court itself, or is a fraud perpetrated by officers of the court so that the judicial machinery can not perform in the usual manner its impartial task of adjudging cases that are presented for adjudication." Kenner v. C.I.R., 387 F.3d 689 (1968); found in 7 Moore's Federal Practice, 2d ed., p. 512, ¶ 60.23.

      And it has consequences

      The 7th Circuit further stated "a decision produced by fraud upon the court is not in essence a decision at all, and never becomes final."
Unfortunately the odds are miniscule to non-existent that some judge is going to apply it to a peer. But it was 'nice' of the Appeal Court to think of it.

There's even a rule in Ohio Civil Procedures that would apply IF the lawyers fiddling with the rules would recklessly conceive of a JUDGE making an ERROR or committing FRAUD. NO. ONLY ADVERSE PARTIES EVER WOULD MAKE MISTAKES or ENGAGE IN FRAUD. See what you think.
    Rule 60(B) Mistakes, inadvertance, excusable neglect, newly discovered evidence, fraud, etc
    On motion and upon such terms as are just, the court may relieve a party from a final judgment for the following reasons: (1) Mistakes, etc. (2) newly discovered evidence etc (3) fraud (whether intrinsic or extrinsic), etc or other misconduct of an adverse party etc

Do you suppose you could now imagine a judge committing holy fraud in his court adjudicating? After seeing it? The Rules don't 'imagine it' and the lawyers in the legislators' chairs blessed their judge-peers with full blown immunity. Otherwise judges would be intimidated, right? Where's the check-and-balance in freedom from consequences... Check-and-balance was the guiding light of the careful engineers of the Constitution...

But don't think that the Sheriff's lawyer was not supporting Gusweiler. He just hadn't imagined such a bag of stuffing would come rolling off the judge's dais. Instead the sheriff's lawyers pretended that if the changing time of death wasn't some hair-splitting legal issue then it wasn't the point of the case law. Illogically ignoring Eagle's point -- that not being a legal issue in the previous encounter with the comparable activity by a coroner was in conflict with making it a legal issue now and hence it was inconsistent for Gusweiler to persist in that illogic.

Sometimes you wonder what reading skills these lawyers have. Demonstratedly, their reading ability does not impress us positively. Agreed? Else we;re left with some explanation less 'palatable'....

To complete the lawyers limited imagining of decency in responding to Eagle's evidence, they fall back on the 'another inquest' chanting. Are they learning ability challenged?

Isn't it strangely unsettling watching this Sheriff's mouthpiece arguing to shut down an investigation of a homicide that happened under his own nose?

Clearly there's MORE to this story of Gusweiler's treachery THAN OUR CONFIRMED HYPOTHETICAL OPINION that Gusweiler is wrestling a strawman in a game of FRAUD ON THE COURT'S HOLY RULE OF LAW...

It's mind-boggling how A SHERIFF can stand in the public courtroom claiming justice is his life BUT

    -- authorize the stifling of law-specified investigation continuing that is seeking to pursue information from those in charge of the safekeeping of the victim on circumstances, events and clues

    while simultaneously having to

    accept as law-verified, that there was a HOMICIDE IN HIS JAIL, AND IT'S UNEXPLAINABLE in his own handiwork, since under law the medical determination is the law-confirmed, court-accepted reality...

    if BCI failed to deal with the homicide, you'd think the Sheriff would be adamant he'd *do something*!!! Like what?
      His situation: he's surely looked at the marks on the kid's throat and knows it was no hanging, THE SHEET WAS A DECOY, NOT THE LIGATURE THAT MADE THE DEADLY BLOODED MARKS...

      so -- in order to cling to his 'friend' status with 'his honorable men' -- he must also cling to the idea that either
        1) -- it was an accident and the lying (that they saw Goldson "hanging" etc) was done to protect the department and him from state-overseeing consequences (yet the perpetrators showed no such fear of state-level investigators, and instead messed with the evidence and boldly only supplied video cam files when they were done tampering with it)

        or 2) -- there was an extremely disgraceful security failure that allowed a murderous intruder access to the jail and the jailers are lying to protect their jobs (an intruder with no known motive, and from Wenninger not a word on the only available alternative that a decent Sheriff has to deflect the evidence that his 'friends' are murderous thugs )...

        no sense of his responsible authority
      leaving him with felony on top of felony no matter what fantasy he clings to,,,

      but there is no sign of any fantasy management either.... like re-assigning men that he has to view as 'weak' links that *jeopardize the others* under his leadership and responsibility, until he can personally nail the homicide down.... as well as nailing down where else the tentacles of felony were spreading (like into the technical skilled area of security camera data tampering), UNLESS YOU COUNT THE SUDDEN LEAVING OF BOSS SHADLE after Wenninger gave the plum assignment (the drug czar ) to Mt Orab Asst Chief Josh Black... suggesting recognition of 'weak link' problems (when your chief deputy destroys evidence in a homicide), ....

      nor any sign of tightening security.....

      Speaking of security, Wenninger (if he has any logic skills) would be nervously clinging to the realization that the security camera system seemed to have failed, either technically or through treachery, and worse his up-the-line crime advisors at BCI didn't offer any guidance (they failed to find any system failure to explain the homicide. and appear to have swallowed the suicide lie or *worse*) ---leading to the idea that maybe he should swallow it also....

      so Instead of being a sheriff, he works his way through the media games of being the department poster boy and ends up square in the middle of the felonies. Up to his eyeballs in a proverbial racketeering operation. Showing no signs of aptitude for being a Sheriff, on top of his disgraced lack of law-required education and experience to have been allowed to run for the office legitimately. Now compounded by the evidence that his current law-required oath to live up to the job is completely left in the debris of his fine mess...

    There are so many signs that the whole law enforcement operation under Wenninger's leadership is malfeasant in the extreme that it's impossible to consider his retirement. Decently HE SHOULD RESIGN -- AS HUMANLY UNABLE TO RUN A DECENT SHERIFF'S OFFICE


Does shocking the conscience work with the Sheriff any better than we saw it 'working' (not) in judges' evaluation of evidence that takes your breath away.......?

Does shocking the conscience work with the Sheriff's highschool schoolmates... What would the public expect from such a 'sheriff' and his 'gang' of thugs if/when Brown Countians face extreme circumstances? CRINGE..... cringe..... cringe

Wenninger and his lawyers can't even get through a court challenge without smashing any semblance of rule of law, The holy idea of fair fighting in law enforcement is being setup to be replaced with an unholy AMBUSH... right in front of the public's eyes.... right in the Sheriff's lawyers' final salvo. Look and you will see. THEY KNOW GUSWEILER'S GAMES... and they intend to play them.....

So the fact that they realize the ambush game works in Gusweiler's court raises the parallel question:
    Would a federal judge allow that ambushing outside his reach? NOT LIKELY,,,


Can you see it? Boss Shadle and his conspiring Prosecutor Babe Little were shown in the recordings played in the Hanson-Jones-Petition-to-oust Coroner Varnau TRIAL to be fully able to authorize misuse of the Courts in order to smear their political opponent, since it's beyond believing that they didn't know that the trumping up of false anxiety in the souls of grieving families wasn't decent. Furthermore they are obligated to know that the claims they manufactured were actually the fault of Shadle's management of the BCSO's if anybody dug into the law's rules on who does what and what it's like to work in the real world of crime scenes.

For one example of the real causes of next-of-kin grief being the SO, Shadle's office has a high tech chemical van (used only for 'nuisance' pestering unbelievably as an escort for the health department's sewage 'director') that is built to deal with crystal meth blowups/cleanups. Possibly humanly your tax dollars at work. If any one was responsible for cleaning up the suicide mess of blowing the top of the young fellow's head off, it was Shadle. Ditto it turned out to be Shadle's and Wenninger's fault for every blessed claim that hearse-chaser Hawkins waved around.

Misuse of the Courts is Shadle's MO. And this conflict now between the CommonPleas Gusweiler and the Federal Court's Barrett NOW LOOKS TOTALLY LIKE THE STEPS THREE-THRU-SIX IN SHADLE'S STRATEGY TO TAR-AND-FEATHER THE CORONER WHO WAS CHASING THE MURDERER IN THE JAIL STAFF (including Shadle's offspring).... THEY HAVE NO CASE IN FEDERAL COURT. AND AS WE SAW, IT WILL BE LIKELY THROWN OUT.

It was all just rubbish-heaping when Shadle & Little's first attempt (with the petition to court) fell apart and the second griefstricken relatives' case (Elfers) was hanging back too much to be of use while the Elfer's family's lawyer observed the loss in the Hanson/Hawlins Petition case. SO THEY NEEDED SOME OTHER SMEAR. The claims they (Boss Shadle and his lawyer) threw together for federal court were based -- sometimes fully openly and wrongly -- on *state* law AND the state law hadn't been shown to have failed in their cause, so the case was a losing battle from the start as a genuinely federal court case by anyone with any idea of the limits of each court system.

Their benefit -- implying and consistent with motive -- was to use the 'mighty' U.S. Government's *image* as supporting them. Infinitely better than Gusweiler and local court filing in the public/media's mind AND TIMED TO DAMAGE THE IMAGE OF THE CORONER AS SHE WAS BRINGING HER EVIDENCE BEFORE THAT GRAND JURY....

Maybe they even thought the GrandJury might smell some of the Breyer/Hornyiak lying, so the smear was needed... and they'd be simultaneously prepping the public to swallow the defeat of the Grand Jury ...

Once they had the GrandJury suckered into agreeing with Breyer, then it was safe to use Gusweiler, and his disgraceful court that Brown County had no choice that would have enabled the voters to remove him at election time... all they had to do for openers was seek a temporary restraining order (claiming justice would arrive) but knowing it was Gusweiler's ambushes and strawmen they were wanting then... and just as soon as the case went far enough to defeat any interest the Federal Court might have considered, then Gusweiler would be in charge.


Shadle's MO is confirmed. Likely the MURDER RAP is fairly clearly entertaining everybody keeping score. But there should be FEDERAL court sanctions FOR ABUSE OF COURT -- JUST LIKE OTHER FORMS OF FRIVOLOUS FILINGS. There is no way any honorable bones exist in those 'law enforcement' officers.

Perhaps there's something useful to be learned from this scam Shadle set in motion. Think about the idea of standing around the perimeter of the next election's voting sites THIS FALL with a blessed petition -- based on the surprising ORC 3.07 and 3.08 -- to OUST GUSWEILER and WENNINGER, the central empowering criminals in BC law enforcement. Maybe include Shadle's Babe LITTLE as well,,,,,, ALL SIGNERS you would encounter WOULD AUTOMATICALLY BE REGISTERED VOTERS (nothing to tediously check)..... Doesn't that sound invigorating? just need a lawyer who can support the idea that there are flaws in the election process that jeopardize PUBLIC SAFETY,,, of course some crook in Columbus would decide on replacements for each disposed official, unless the extent of the turmoil would justify a SPECIAL ELECTION.... What say you......... hmmmmm..... TTYL